Ford CEO Jim Farley Teases Mysterious Mustang Under Cover

Ford’s celebration of the Mustang’s 60th anniversary was more than just a party; it was a glimpse into the future of this iconic American muscle car. At the event in Charlotte, North Carolina, attendees were treated to insights about the new 60th Anniversary Package for the GT, adding to the mystique was a teaser image of an upcoming Mustang variant set to debut next year. While enthusiasts speculated about the possibility of a new GT350 or GT500, Ford subtly hinted at something different, potentially involving RTR, with a cryptic image of a Mustang-shaped vehicle under a green cover, labeled “RTR Fun 03b” on the media website. This enigmatic teaser has sparked curiosity and anticipation among Mustang aficionados eager to uncover what lies beneath the shroud.

CEO Jim Farley further fueled excitement by teasing “one more thing to share” on X/Twitter, accompanied by an image of the concealed Mustang. Despite the lack of discernible details, enthusiasts have begun speculating wildly about the potential unveiling, with predictions ranging from an electrified Mustang to the revival of classic models like the Boss 302. With a rich history of legendary vehicles to draw from, Ford has a plethora of iconic names at its disposal, leaving fans to wonder what surprises lie ahead for the Mustang.

In case you missed it during our @FordMustang celebration… we had one more thing to share. Coming next year!

— Jim Farley (@jimfarley98) April 19, 2024

As enthusiasts eagerly await Farley’s revelation, there’s no shortage of excitement surrounding the Mustang’s ongoing legacy expanding into other reveals, such as a new Mustang Shelby Super Snake. Ford’s recent updates to the 2024 model, including retro-inspired digital gauge cluster themes via over-the-air updates, keep the conversation buzzing among fans and owners. Moreover, the announcement of a new Mustang Experience Center at Charlotte Motor Speedway in 2025 promises an immersive celebration of all things Mustang, complete with track time, merchandise, and event facilities.

Ford’s previous unveiling of the GTD, touted as the most hardcore Mustang yet, offers performance enthusiasts a taste of adrenaline with its supercharged 5.2-liter V8 engine producing over 800 horsepower and groundbreaking active aerodynamics, elevating the Mustang’s handling prowess to unprecedented levels in the realm of street-legal vehicles. With each new development, the Mustang continues to captivate and inspire, cementing its status as an enduring symbol of American automotive excellence.

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