Ambrose: Biden swears allegiance to big spending

President Joe Biden recently gave a rough, tough, eyes-ablaze, here-I-come State of the Union speech that some saw as a definitive disposal of his democratically diagnosed mental vacuity. But the speech simultaneously raised all kinds of questions about Biden, and then, not too many days after that, TV sets were once again spreading news about Biden’s brain gone blank in a different situation, one that had included an impeachment possibility.

The issue was that Biden, during his near half century in the Senate and as vice president, had multiple times challenged laws by pilfering classified information then taken to different, disallowed locations. As part of an investigation he sat down to answer questions from special counsel Robert Hur. They were very easy questions except that for him they were very difficult. He was asked, for instance about when he served as vice president. He did not know.

Even a Biden who seemed almost competent, alert, focused and full of energy in his State of the Union speech also acted like he wanted to divide us Americans from sea to shining sea. It is not just that he was unbelievably divisive when he talked about what low taxes our rich pay, but either ignorant or lying about the fact seeing that the top 1% pay more money in taxes than 90% of the rest of us put together.

Few seem to know it, but we have what could well be the highest progressive tax in the developed world, meaning that our rich pay a higher rate than in other countries. Biden incredibly calls it low because our rich don’t pay for unrealized gains in the stock market any more than anyone else in our country, seeing as how the Constitution forbids it.

Whether he gets the money constitutionally or not, Biden’s spending allegiance is more than a little scary, seeing as how it will help raise the debt to the point in the distant future when we can no longer pay the interest and therefore will not be able to keep borrowing money. The economy will then quit functioning, and illegally immigrating to Canada will unlikely do any good even if you can afford the gasoline. Something that sums Biden up is his tale about a major deficit cut he arranged when that was actually a consequence of COVID becoming less a threat needing fewer expenditures.

As I am not the first to notice, Biden is a president and his incompetence can have far-reaching effects, such as millions of Afghans facing starvation because his goofs helped reinstall the Taliban as Afghanistan’s totally terrible boss. While it doesn’t follow that Donald Trump should be the next president, there just may be an honest, law-abiding means to help assure a double defeat. Fellow Americans, let’s work on this.

Tribune News Service

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