Rare Ford GTX1 Heads to BaT Auction

The Ford GTX1, an ultra-rare and highly coveted modern classic, stands out as a symbol of automotive exclusivity with only about 40 units in existence. For affluent collectors, acquiring one proves to be a formidable challenge. However, the opportunity to possess the second-ever produced GTX1, owned by a good friend of ours at Automotive Addicts, has arisen as it becomes available for bidding on Bring A Trailer.

Crafted under the auspices of the Gennaddi Design Group, sanctioned by Ford, the initial plan was to produce a limited run of Ford GT roadsters, estimated to be around 500 vehicles. This particular GTX1, the second to roll off the production line, showcases a striking Mark IV red exterior adorned with GTX1 SEMA wheels, contributing to its sporty allure.

The exterior boasts additional enhancements, including the Genaddi carbon fiber aero package, scissor doors, and a discreetly concealed rear bumper. For adaptable driving experiences, the GTX1 features a removable carbon fiber roof panel, transforming it into an all-weather supercar.

While the exterior may bear minor imperfections like stone chips and paint blemishes, the uniqueness of this model is emphasized by a special badge denoting its status as the second-ever produced GTX1.

Under the hood lies the familiar 5.4-liter supercharged V8 engine, synonymous with the original Ford GT. Ford Performance upgrades have elevated its power output to an impressive 700 horsepower. The visceral V8 growl is enhanced by a Stainless Works cat-back exhaust and muffler delete. Power is transmitted to the rear wheels through a Ricardo six-speed manual, featuring a limited-slip differential and a Ford Racing transaxle cooler installed in 2008.

The vehicle’s meticulous maintenance is evident, with a 2015 ECU recalibration and service, along with the addition of a replacement flywheel and Stillen clutch in the same year. Rolling on three-piece wheels shod with Michelin Pilot Super Sport tires, the winning bidder may want to consider replacing them due to their 2014 and 2015 date stamps.

The interior exudes a retro charm familiar to Ford GT enthusiasts, featuring two Sparco seats draped in black leather with silver stitching. Noteworthy details include a driver’s seat positioned two inches lower than its hard-top counterpart, special GTX1 floor mats, doorsills, and a Ford Racing short-throw gear shifter. However, purists may frown upon the aftermarket infotainment system and speakers.

As the auction countdown ticks away, the current bid stands at $226,000, with expectations that the final purchase price will likely approach or even surpass the $500,000 mark, considering the escalating values of regular Ford GTs in today’s market. The allure of the second-ever GTX1, coupled with its unique features and impeccable performance, promises to make it a prized possession for the fortunate winning bidder.

Images source: Deremer Studios Photography

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