Highland Park Parade Mass Shooting: 6 Dead and 16 People Hospitalized During Shooting Video Goes VIral On Social Media, Details Explored!

Authorities said that five people were killed and 16 others wounded by a gunman who opened fire just 10 minutes after the Highland Park Fourth of Jul parade began Monday morning. For More Updates Stay Tuned With Statehooddc.com.

Highland Park Parade Mass Shooting

The Highland Park police stated that it was still an “active incident” shortly after noon and asked people to avoid the area. Chicago Sun-Times reporter saw blankets covering three bodies that were badly injured and five others who were wounded near the reviewing station.

Highland Park Parade Mass Shooting

Multiple shots were heard by several witnesses. One witness claimed he heard more than 20 shots. Miles Zaremski of Highland Park told the Sun-Times that he heard between 20 and 25 shots. They were all in quick succession. It couldn’t have been a handgun, or a shotgun.

Zaremski claimed that he saw people in the area who were shot, including a woman with blood on her body. . . She didn’t survive.” police told people to disperse. It’s not safe to be here. The panicked parade-goers fled Central Street in Highland Park as they tried to cover themselves. They left behind baby strollers, blankets, and chairs. Even though people fled, a klezmer group, apparently unaware of the gunfire, continued playing.

Highland Park Parade Mass Shooting Viral Video

Police officers from Highland Park, as well as other jurisdictions including the Illinois State Police were on the ground looking for the shooter. Adrienne Drell, an ex-Sun-Times reporter, stated that she was watching the parade from a curb on Central Avenue when she noticed members of the Highland Park High School marching bands start to run.

Drell stated that she heard students shout “Go to Sunset”, and directed people to Sunset Foods nearby. Drell stated that a man grabbed her from the curb and encouraged her to get up. She said, “There is panic all over the town.” “Everyone is stunned beyond belief.”

She ran to a nearby lot, where she was surrounded by others who were watching the parade. Drell stated that it was peaceful, quiet, and pleasant morning. People were enjoying the parade. It’s frightening to see that peace suddenly crumble in a matter of seconds. It’s impossible to go anywhere if you don’t find peace. “I think we are crumbling.”

Highland Park Parade Mass Shooting Reason

Eric Trotter (37), who lives just blocks away from the shooting, also echoed this sentiment. “I felt shocked,” Trotter said. Trotter said, “How can this happen in a peaceful community such as Highland Park?” Alexander Sandoval, 39 years old, sat down on a bench as he cried, while police cars drove by on Central Avenue. He had gotten up at 7 a.m. to put up lawn chairs and blankets in front of the parade’s main stage. He was only a short walk from the parade so he returned home for breakfast with his partner, son and stepdaughter, before returning to the parade.

He said that he fled with his family, fearing for their lives, hours later. Sandoval stated that they saw the Navy’s marchers passing by and the float. “When I heard the gunshots for the first time, I thought it was the soldiers saluting the flag, and then shooting blanks.” “But then, I saw people running and the shots continued. We started running.”

He stated that in chaos, he and the partner ran in opposite directions: he with his son, he with her daughter. Sandoval stated that he grabbed his son and tried to break in to one of the nearby buildings but couldn’t. “The shooting stopped. He was probably reloading. I ran and found an alleyway and placed my son in a dumpster to keep him safe.

He said that he then ran to search for the rest of his family, and saw bodies covered in blood on the ground. Sandoval stated, “I saw a little boy shot being taken away.” It was pure terror. He was able to find his stepdaughter and partner in a nearby McDonald’s. He said, “This shouldn’t happen here.” It shouldn’t happen anywhere. Gov. J.B. Pritzker stated that he was “closely watching the situation in Highland Park” as the Illinois State Police were present. A large number of fire and police vehicles were present at the parade.

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