5 Awesome Things to Try Out at Your Next Party

Are you bored of attending the same old parties that feature only drinks, loud music, gossip, and a next-day hangover? If yes, this article will save you from boring parties and give you mind-blowing ideas of making parties an absolute joy. A party should be a social gathering where all kinds of people can have fun and mingle around. It should leave a lasting memory in the minds of the attendees. Below are five awesome things that you can quickly try out at your next party and make your party memorable.

Vaping Games:

Most of us have come across alcohol games in parties like “beer pong” or “Truth or Shots”. While these games are interesting, they come with side effects like a hangover, severe drinking habits leading to liver damage, etc. What if the same games could be replaced by a healthier alternative, i.e., vaping? According to NHS, moderate vaping is safer than smoking because it does not produce any toxic tar or carbon monoxide. Similarly, vaping is also safer than large alcohol consumption as it does not harm the liver or cause any hangover.

You can liven up the party by organizing Vape games such as “Vape Cloud competition” and “Truth or Vape.” In a “Vape Cloud competition”, players can take turns to use vape kits to create vape clouds of varying shapes and designs, and the most creative one wins. In a “Truth or Vape” game, you can ask guessing questions, and if you guess correctly, the other person will have to vape. To try these awesome games, you can pre-order multiple vape kits online.

A Gastronomic Idea:

An Oxford University research says that eating together increases social bonding and uplifts emotions. So why not implement food ideas for your next party. To rev up the party’s mood, you can ask attendees to bring their hand-made delicacies and organize a potluck at your place. 

Alternatively, you could also organize a MasterChef type competition at your kitchen where you can all cook a celebrity recipe together. Imagine the uproar, the confusion, and the mess that it would create in your kitchen. But all of that is worth it, given the joy of cooking and eating together. It will imprint ever-lasting memories in the minds of all those who attend your party.

Party Outside The Walls:

The renowned Nature magazine points out that spending at least 2 hours a week in nature improves your health and well-being. Many of us spend our entire week in closed offices, and when it comes to weekend parties, we choose pubs or bars inside our homes. You can add a healthy yet happening twist to your next party by conducting it outdoors. There are several ways of organizing an outdoor party.

You can have a night-time party by making a bonfire and hanging around it with your friends. If it is a daytime party, nothing beats an old-fashioned picnic on a bright sunny spring day. You can also use strings of incandescent bulbs and light up your backyard to give a bohemian feeling of a backyard carnival. To add spice to it, introduce some retro music in your backyard, and voila, you will bring nostalgic memories back from your childhood. Another cool idea can be to host the party at an outdoor theatre watching your gang’s favorite movie under the starlit night sky.

Playing with Fashion and Apparel:

A themed fashion party never gets old. Try to find out a common theme in your circle. For example, if all members of your gang are Game of Thrones (GoT) fans, organize a GoT-themed party where all have to come dressed as one of the GoT characters. You can even have a random draw to decide who will represent which character. Everyone has to dress up and act like a character from Game of Thrones throughout the party. 

Another interesting clothing idea can be exchanging clothes at parties. You can ask everyone to bring their old clothes in a clean condition. Everyone lays their spare garments out at the party, and interested people can try them out and if they like it can exchange the clothes with their piece of clothing. It’s a great way to acquire new fashion styles as well as recycle clothing.

Music, Dance, and Movie Games:

Everyone loves to talk about or sing through their favorite movies or music. You can turn your next party into a musical night. Keep some musical instruments in the living room or in an accessible area and let the musicians in your party get loose. Soon you will be observing a jam session building up. 

For the ones that do not play an instrument, you could keep the floor ready with a karaoke mic and some hip music on so people can sing karaoke and groove along with it. Movie buffs can have fun by playing charades where a person will have to act out the movie name silently, and the other person or the team will have to guess the movie. Spice up the charades by bringing in vaping for wrong guesses.

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