Mercedes-Benz E63 Buyers Guide

You might be wondering why there is such a focus on the sporty sedans recently. The short answer is: they are awesome! Why wouldn’t you want the best of both worlds when it comes to putting a hack into your garage?

So today we are going to be talking about the Mercedes-Benz E63 AMG. When it comes to power sedans we know about the C63, and when it comes to luxury we have the S63, but Mercedes decided that it wanted to combine the luxury and easy driving of the S63 with the power and the sporty looks of the C63 and thus the E63 was born!

Back in 2007, we saw the first E63 model roll onto American roads, however, we will be focusing more on the 2014 and up body style, the E63 AMG S to focus on educating on the models we consider to be hackable.

The E63 was gifted with a 5.5L twin-turbo V8 engine that was tuned to 577 horsepower and 531 pounds of torque. The top speed is 186mph with a 3.5 second 0-60. Quite impressive for a family sedan.

What is even more impressive than the power the E63 packs is the fact that a once $100,000 car can now be bought for nearly 50% of that. Hence why we want to talk about the E63 and help you see if it could be the car for you.


Driving Experience

Driving the E63 is truly an executive experience. There is both speed and comfort while also highly convenient in terms of set up for the driver and ease of travel for the potential passengers.

The AMG gauges in the driver’s interface have stood the test of time and evolved together through the years.  The E63’s LCD interface system is actually wrapped into the dashboard rather than having the screen stand up and alone above the dash, a nice touch.

The older the E63, the more buttons you will have in the upper center dash, the 2014 even contains a full 0-9 number keypad. But the center console bears the standard AMG gear shift, drive mode buttons, traction control, etc.

All this and more adds to the combined sporty and usability that Mercedes was trying to emulate when creating the E-Class AMG model.


Mercedes-Benz E63 Common Problems

With a car that has been around as long as the Mercedes Benz E63 has (2007-2021) there are bound to be issues reported. However, in the grand scheme of things, there are few and far between given the 14 years this sporty sedan has been on the road.

If you want to see a full list of recalls ordered on the E63 AMG, be sure to click the link HERE



Mercedes-Benz E63 Cost of Ownership/Maintenance

Now a Mercedes can be pricey if you take it to the dealer for all of its work. Given the years we recommend for ownership of the E63, the warranty will have either run out or is just about to (this article was most recently updated in April of 2021). Meaning there is no reason to bring her into the dealership for a simple Service A or Service B. Instead, save yourself both time and money and take your E63 to a trusted third-party shop near you. Just be sure to ask when booking the appointment if they have worked on your model previously and have all the parts necessary for your service in stock to avoid any delays.


Mercedes-Benz E63 Model Year Changes

The original E63 AMG was born in 2007, however, we will only be noting changes from 2014 and onward for the sake of ECH methodology.

2014-2017 the E63 AMG S model was introduced to begin competing with other sport model sedans that infiltrated the market.

2018-2021 the E63 gets a slight facelift and tummy tuck with a new front grille, vents, rear diffuser, met with an upgraded interior that contains full LCD gauges, Dynamic Select Drive Modes, and the world’s first touch-pad steering wheel. Though the biggest difference is under the hood. The 5.5L V8 biturbo engine was switched to the “hot inside V” 4.0L V8 biturbo engine set up, the placement of the turbos is what earns the engine its nickname and also earns the E63 26 more horsepower and 37 more pounds of torque.

2021- the new re-design is all that is to mention, no engine tweaks were made. However, the intense presence of the E63 makes it a neck breaker! Given the toothy AMG GTS grill, with a new rear end and diffuser as well. The oval-shaped taillights are now more horizontal which tightens up the wide body. Some internal tweaks came as well, upgrade technology in the interface, a new steering wheel, and larger shift paddles.


Mercedes-Benz E63 Options

Mercedes-Benz is more of a package-based options car brand, rather than ala carte like Ferrari.

So when it comes to the E63, the following options/packages are below for you to review.

When purchasing your own E63 be sure to ask for the original window sticker to compare and contrast exactly which options the particular E63 has.


2018- 2020


Best Mercedes-Benz E63 To Buy

If you are looking to pick up an E63 we can recommend models from the first generational shift, 2014-2017. The sedan does better for resale than the wagons, however neither would be a bad bet. Ensure that the color combination is universal: a white on black or  black on black, maybe a black on red, to ensure likability across the board. Just ensure that you have performed your PPI beforehand to be able to save yourself potentially thousands of dollars on repairs.



The era of the powerful SUVs is what we are living in right now: Bentley Bentayga, Lamborghini Urus, Mercedes-Benz G63, Audi SQ8, Aston Martin DBX, etc. And while the era of powerful sedans is taking a back seat, it is the perfect time to hop on the wagon (full pun intended) and pick up an E63 for a fraction of the cost it was new and rock one of the baddest daily drivers ever.

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