Porsche Macan Buyers Guide

Luxury SUVs  seem to be what everyone is looking for these days, and we can’t say we aren’t part of that “everyone”. If you have been a member of Exotic Car Hacks, you know that the Porsche Cayenne has been a favorite and top-ranking model on our Best SUV’s to Hack list, but now the younger sibling to the Cayenne has been added to the list as well: The Macan.

Only around since 2014-2015 in the U.S, the Porsche Macan was introduced to be the sleeker, sportier version of the Cayenne. Standard with a V6 tuned to varying horsepower depending upon the trim, and a PDK transmission with all-wheel-drive and air suspension.

Now you may be wondering why was the Macan brought about if the Cayenne was such a cult favorite. You know the old saying, “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” right? Well, Porsche has a long history of making models/trims to fit every driver regardless of preference, and in this case, even budget. Cayennes are much bigger than the Macan, both in physical size and in the size of the window sticker. Macans offer a great lower-budget option that doesn’t sacrifice the luxury aspect of owning a Porsche and having the usability of an SUV.

If you want to know if the Macan would be a good car to put in your garage or maybe to keep outside of it for everyday use, keep reading and let me know your thoughts by leaving a comment at the end!


Driving Experience

Now let’s be clear, the Macan does not generate the most exciting driving experience, but, you shouldn’t be looking for a race car if you are considering owning the Macan. You are looking for something super reliable, zippier than an X3, and with more prestige than a Volkswagen, and that is exactly what you are going to get.

The interior is not much to write home about in the luxury department, but again, this is a daily driver SUV, not a bespoke, tailor-made 1 of 1 Ferrari Pista, ok? It’s alright that it isn’t the most exciting thing in the world, because at this point you are looking for something practical but also enjoyable from a driving standpoint. It’s a thoughtful interior, from the cup holders to button placement and available storage.

Well-crafted is a term I would use to describe the Macan internally and externally, there was no compromise for Porsche level quality when making this lower budget SUV, that is for sure. All the tech inside of the Macan is synchronized with the numerous other models Porsche has in its repertoire depending on the year.

Depending on the trim you obtain in the Macan, you will have a more speedy experience than others. This is why we here at exotic car hacks recommend only the GTS and the Turbo trims for the Macan. These two trims come with a more sportier tune to their engines, and also boast better interior options that make these cars more desirable from a resale standpoint, and also give a bit more of a sports car feel to those that want it.


Porsche Macan Common Problems

It should not shock you that the Porsche Macan is considered to be quite reliable. Porsche’s take a lot of pride in their ability to create not only beautiful cars, but high-performing ones that also keep the need for mechanical work minimal, given the owner takes regular care of the Macan.

However, like any car that rolls on the road, there have been a few recalls for the Macan since release, and you can read all about them HERE:


Be sure if you are looking at purchasing a Macan that you of course get a PPI done on the vehicle to avoid incurring any possible issues, and also be sure to have the Macan recalls performed and if they already have been, obtain the service records from the previous owner for verification.


Porsche Macan Cost of Ownership/Maintenance

Porsche Macans come with Porsche’s 4 year/50,000 mile warranty, meaning the second and third variations of the Macan are still possible to find under warranty as we write this (2021), though be sure to check with the previous owner/dealership you are buying from to see exactly what the end date of the warranty is, as this can effect sales pricing and also resell. It should be noted many of these came off lease to be re-sold as Certified Pre-Owned cars, which add an extra two years and unlimited mileage.

Though people figure Porsche’s to be incredibly expensive cars to maintain, that isn’t necessarily true in the Macan’s case. Yes, while it may be more expensive to repair than a Toyota RAV4, it isn’t nearly as expensive as a Lamborghini Urus or a Bentley Bentayga. Also, Porsche’s have been around for quite some time, and while the chassis on the Macan is different from the 911’s or the Cayennes, a lot of the internal mechanisms are very similar. This means a lot of third-party independent shops are knowledgeable on how to work on a Macan, so you can avoid going to your local Porsche dealer and getting taken for a ride.

Oil changes, spark plugs, tire installation, brake pad replacement, filter swaps, and fluid fill ups are all relatively inexpensive, can be done quickly and more cost-efficiently at a trusted third party shop, and it will also be a time to make a relationship with a local mechanic so they can assist you down the road with future cars you will own.


Porsche Macan Model Year Changes

2014-2015 Same from launch

2016-2018 Porsche Communication Management (PCM) system became standard, optional full-LED headlights, redesigned steering controller, and expanded options for exterior and interior packages for the Macan Turbo.

2019-2021 Changes to the previous 2016-2018 model include an overhaul to the chassis, a new front and rear facelift with LED head- and tail-lights as standard, new exterior colors, and wheel designs, and a redesigned interior with Porsche Communication Management with a 10.9-inch touchscreen display and Connect Plus with Porsche Offroad Precision App as standard. Optionally available systems include active suspension management, air suspension, torque vectoring, Sport Chrono package including Launch Control as well as park and traffic assistance systems.


Porsche Macan Options

The Porsche Macan doesn’t contain too many a la cart options like Ferrari would, however, packages are what will really matter. Certain options are sectioned with certain trims, such as the Turbo can have a Turbo package add-on. But a Porsche Macan GTS will not be eligible to obtain the Turbo package. Obviously, the Macan is very limited in terms of variations, only sporting 13 exterior paint options and 11 interior options. The only thing to be wary of, Porsche’s can be ugly. A sapphire blue on espresso brown  Macan will not bring the same dollar as a white on red or even a black on black Macan will so bear this in mind.

If you want to see out the possible specs such as packages and color options check this out. (https://www.cars.com/research/porsche-macan-2018/specs/usc80prs031d0/)


Best Porsche Macan To Buy

Relying on hackability, we would say that the best Macan to hack is 2016 or 2017 Porsche Macan Turbo in a more universal exterior/interior spec with the Turbo Package (optional but preferred for resale.) The hottest colors would have to be a red, white, or black exterior with either a black or red interior. Though white on tan is also a good car so long as the Turbo package exists inside of it.



If you are looking for a smaller SUV to add to your garage, then the Porsche Macan is a great answer. It is a car everyone can enjoy and one that will continue to hold its value in a market that is learning to appreciate the usability of the luxury SUV.

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