Final Bentley Mulsanne Finds Home at Heritage Collection

The latest addition to Bentley’s illustrious Heritage Collection is the bespoke 2020 Mulsanne Extended Wheelbase, marking the culmination of the Mulsanne line and returning home to Crewe after serving Her late Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. Commissioned by the Queen herself, this final Mulsanne boasts unique features and a royal pedigree, solidifying its place in Bentley’s history.

Crafted at Bentley’s Dream Factory in Crewe, the last Mulsanne showcases a distinctive exterior in Barnato green, complemented by an interior adorned in Twine and Cumbrian hide, Burr Walnut wood veneers, and deep lambswool carpets. Tailored for royal duties, the vehicle incorporates rear privacy curtains and the Royal coat of arms of the United Kingdom inlaid into the door waistrails. Noteworthy customizations include the removal of front center armrests, replaced with a tray designed to accommodate the Queen’s handbag.

Under the hood, Bentley’s renowned 537PS 6.75-litre V8 engine powers the vehicle, while discreetly concealed blue police lights, a siren, and a bullhorn add a touch of regal authority. The car’s exterior features 21” alloy wheels, chrome brightware for the grille and front wing vents, and the iconic Flying B emblem. The final Mulsanne joins the Heritage Collection alongside the second Mulsanne ever built (2010) and a 2019 Mulsanne Speed, enriching a curated selection that spans Bentley’s 104-year history.

The Heritage Collection, now comprising 45 cars, serves as a time capsule, chronicling Bentley’s evolution from the oldest Bentley in the world, the 1919 3-Litre EXP2, to the contemporary 2021 Continental GT Speed. Thirty-seven road-legal cars trace the development of Bentley’s model range over the decades, while eight iconic motorsport and record-breaking vehicles, including Speed 8s, Continental GT3s, and Pikes Peak and Ice Speed Record cars, add a dynamic dimension to the collection.

Maintained and displayed at Bentley’s carbon-neutral Dream Factory in Crewe, England, the Heritage Collection provides a comprehensive view of Bentley’s legacy. Visitors, including customers, VIPs, media guests, and Bentley colleagues, can explore the rich history of the company through this meticulously curated collection as part of the factory tour experience. The final Mulsanne, with its royal provenance and distinctive features, takes its place among the iconic vehicles that define Bentley’s heritage.

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