Bugatti Showcases Interior Elements of Track-Only Bolide Hypercar

Bugatti has recently unveiled the much-anticipated interior of its track-only hypercar, the Bolide, completing the puzzle for enthusiasts eager to explore every facet of this limited-edition production model. Deviating significantly from the Chiron, the Bolide’s interior is a bespoke masterpiece, with each element meticulously crafted for its singular purpose on the track.

A key highlight is the Bolide’s carbon fiber monocoque, a foundational structure that not only contributes to the hypercar’s agility but also facilitates a distinctive race car-like seating position. Unlike traditional Bugatti models, the Bolide features fixed seats directly layered onto the monocoque, eliminating the need for seat rails and consequently reducing weight. However, to ensure driver comfort, Bugatti compensates by providing adjustable steering columns and pedals.

The interior customization options for the Bolide are extensive, offering buyers a choice of four seat packages, including personalized dimensions. Upholstery choices range from luxurious leather to Alcantara and suede, reflecting Bugatti’s commitment to tailoring the hypercar to the individual tastes of its discerning clientele.

The steering wheel of the Bolide is a standout feature, sporting an X-shaped design that mirrors the shape of the rear lights. Easily removable, Bugatti emphasizes its dual functionality as both a functional element during driving and a decorative piece when not in use. Test drivers played a pivotal role in shaping the interior, resulting in an intuitive layout with eight strategically placed buttons on the steering wheel and a digital instrument cluster offering two modes – one displaying advanced data and the other focusing on essentials.

In terms of technology, the Bolide departs from conventional infotainment systems, lacking a touchscreen. The center console, however, features a slanted design adorned with buttons and distinctive climate control vents resembling exhaust outlets, adding a touch of flair to the minimalist cockpit.

Under the hood, the Bolide derives its power from an evolved version of Bugatti’s renowned 8.0-liter W16 engine, quad-turbocharged to produce an astounding 1,578 horsepower. This remarkable power output, coupled with the hypercar’s relatively lightweight at 3,196 pounds, ensures an exhilarating on-track experience.

With production set to commence in 2024, the Bolide comes with an exclusive price tag starting at approximately €4 million before taxes, translating to around $4.36 million. Limited to a global production of just 40 units, the hypercar has garnered immense demand, with all units being sold out since 2021. Bugatti’s Bolide not only represents the epitome of track-focused performance but also showcases the brand’s unwavering commitment to innovation and exclusivity in the realm of hypercar design.

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