Croatia October 2023: Toyota Yaris Cross up to record #4

The Toyota Yaris Cross smashes its ranking record in Croatia this month.

3,687 new cars found a buyer in Croatia in October which equals to a 21.1% year-on-year lift. The year-to-date tally is now up 28.9% to 49,855. Skoda (+25.1%) is the best-selling carmaker for the 4th month in a row, advancing to #2 in the year-to-date charts Renault (+125.2%) posts a stunning gain at #2 but Volkswagen (-23.8%) is in deep trouble at #3. The German manufacturer however keeps the YTD pole position. Toyota (+81%), Dacia (+143.6%) and Kia (+30.7%) all outpace the market below as do Hyundai (+25.9%), BMW (+35.3%) and Mazda (+77.4%) in the remainder of the Top 10. 

In the models ranking, the Skoda Octavia drops -2.2% but is back to the pole position for the first time since last July. The Renault Clio (+235%) and Dacia Sandero (+310.7%) both post extravagant year-on-year lifts to complete the podium. The Clio stays #1 year-to-date with a comfortable margin over the Skoda Octavia. The performance of the month is delivered by the Toyota Yaris Cross up to a record 4th place overall, smashing its previous record of #9 hit in May 2022. The Suzuki S-Cross (+90.6%) rounds out the Top 5 as it also does year-to-date. Three of the next four models vastly beat the market: the Toyota Corolla (+171%), Skoda Kamiq (+113.6%) and Dacia Duster (+90.4%).

Previous month: Croatia September 2023: Dacia Sandero takes charge, sales up 8.4%

One year ago: Croatia October 2022: Ford (+258%) places Kuga at #2 and Ecosport at #6,  VW Taigo up to record #3

Full October 2023 Top 37 All brands and Top 20 models below.

Croatia October 2023 – brands:

PosBrandOct-23%/22Sep2023%/22PosFY221Skoda53314.5%+ 25.1%15,61211.3%+ 45.4%222Renault3409.2%+ 125.2%35,42610.9%+ 156.8%373Volkswagen3369.1%– 23.8%25,81511.7%+ 27.7%114Toyota3339.0%+ 81.0%82,4835.0%– 5.1%865Dacia2466.7%+ 143.6%43,2956.6%+ 14.0%556Kia2306.2%+ 30.7%53,6077.2%+ 15.2%437Hyundai2045.5%+ 25.9%62,0504.1%+ 1.5%1088Suzuki1824.9%+ 9.0%72,9615.9%+ 102.5%699BMW1574.3%+ 35.3%121,1712.3%+ 19.1%161510Mazda1494.0%+ 77.4%111,2842.6%+ 22.6%131411Peugeot1343.6%+ 10.7%91,6303.3%+ 13.9%111012Audi1183.2%+ 19.2%102,1774.4%+ 56.8%91213Seat1183.2%+ 100.0%141,2822.6%+ 60.3%141614Opel802.2%+ 5.3%192,5825.2%– 19.6%7415Mercedes711.9%– 25.3%131,2152.4%+ 15.3%151316Citroen651.8%+ 27.5%158721.7%+ 14.0%181717Nissan541.5%+ 170.0%175751.2%– 22.9%211818Volvo501.4%– 21.9%184700.9%+ 8.0%222019MG481.3%+ 128.6%168821.8%+ 1394.9%172820Porsche461.2%+ 130.0%243040.6%+ 42.1%242321Cupra340.9%+ 9.7%236581.3%+ 65.7%202222Ford320.9%– 89.0%221,6093.2%+ 18.8%121123Tesla230.6%+ 2200.0%213350.7%+ 112.0%232424Fiat180.5%+ 50.0%206771.4%– 3.3%191925Mini140.4%+ 27.3%251760.4%+ 72.5%252926Lexus130.4%+ 333.3%30620.1%+ 82.4%313227Land Rover120.3%– 29.4%271340.3%– 21.6%262528Honda110.3%– 21.4%31860.2%– 21.8%282729Subaru90.2%n/a26740.1%+ 221.7%293430Jaguar60.2%– 25.0%33540.1%– 35.7%333031Forthing60.2%new –60.0%new38 –32SsangYong50.1%n/a3660.0%+ 50.0%374033Jeep30.1%– 50.0%281040.2%– 78.7%272134DS30.1%+ 50.0%32650.1%+ 35.4%303135Alfa Romeo20.1%– 75.0%29580.1%+ 61.1%323336Smart10.0%n/a –120.0%– 14.3%363537Chevrolet10.0%n/a –20.0%n/a4245

Croatia October 2023 – models:

PosModelOct-23%/22Sep2023%/22PosFY221Skoda Octavia1804.9%– 2.2%22,1354.3%+ 20.5%212Renault Clio1343.6%+ 235.0%32,4444.9%+ 240.4%193Dacia Sandero1153.1%+ 310.7%11,2712.5%+ 13.0%644Toyota Yaris Cross1113.0%n/an/an/an/an/an/an/a5Suzuki SX4 S-Cross1012.7%+ 90.6%51,2922.6%+ 91.4%5136Dacia Duster992.7%+ 90.4%101,4412.9%+ 4.3%327Skoda Kamiq942.5%+ 113.6%99611.9%+ 100.2%11n/a8Hyundai Tucson882.4%+ 20.5%67711.5%+ 2.9%16119Toyota Corolla842.3%+ 171.0%n/an/an/an/an/a1710VW Taigo742.0%– 32.7%n/a1,2392.5%+ 47.1%8611VW Tiguan711.9%– 25.3%48411.7%+ 23.5%141412Renault Captur691.9%+ 213.6%141,3642.7%+ 106.0%41513Skoda Fabia681.8%+ 54.5%8n/an/an/an/an/a14Kia Sportage651.8%+ 51.2%158001.6%+ 68.8%15n/a15Seat Leon611.7%n/an/an/an/an/an/an/a16BMW 3 Series551.5%+ 14.6%n/an/an/an/an/an/a17Kia Stonic551.5%+ 41.0%129261.9%– 3.7%12518Renault Megane Conquest551.5%n/an/an/an/an/an/an/a19Skoda Scala551.5%n/a19n/an/an/an/an/a20Skoda Kodiaq531.4%– 14.5%16n/an/an/an/an/an/aVW T-Roc451.2%– 11.8%211,0302.1%+ 34.6%1010n/aKia Xceed411.1%+ 192.9%n/a6791.4%+ 10.4%1920n/aSuzuki Vitara401.1%– 57.0%111,2622.5%+ 130.7%718n/aMG ZS340.9%+ 126.7%n/a7051.4%+ 1619.5%17n/an/aVW T-Cross270.7%– 53.4%n/a1,0782.2%+ 27.0%97n/aRenault Megane260.7%– 38.1%136861.4%+ 354.3%18n/an/aOpel Crossland180.5%– 43.8%n/a6621.3%– 47.8%203n/aOpel Corsa110.3%– 31.3%n/a8411.7%+ 17.8%1316

Source: Promocija Plus

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