Ken Block’s Final Gymkhana ‘Electrikhana 2’ Coming Soon as Bittersweet Farewell to his Legendary Hooning

Ken Block was a legendary driver that automotive enthusiasts and motorsports fans grew to love and enjoy his passion and entertaining aspects of driving like a hoon.

Before his untimely passing, Ken Block was busy doing what he loved, one of those things being filming the action-packed Gymkhana videos. As his legacy lives on, so does one last installment of a Gymkhana video that was filmed in 2022, dubbed Electrikhana 2, which is set to be released in December 2023.

As a bittersweet farewell to Ken Block and his famous Gymkhana videos, the Electrikhana 2 is sure to be a blast as we see Ken pilot his Audi S1 Hoonitron one last time and make incredible butt-puckering moves down the streets of Mexico City. Hoonigan released a trailer of the upcoming Electrikhana 2, which builds upon the anticipation of seeing Ken one last time doing what he loved. We can’t wait to see this one!

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