Lexus LC500 is ready for a “L”uxury “C”onvertible refresh

Although sales continue to improve in the convertible market, Lexus has seen some ups and downs with the LC500 since existence. As outlines, since July 2017 to June 2023, or 72 months worth of data, Lexus has delivered 11,216 convertibles to consumers; or roughly 156 per month on average… This puts Lexus on notice for sure as a fork in the road is present; Has the time come to refresh the LC or eliminate it?

For Toyota’s upscale brand, Lexus is known for delivering luxury and plush vehicles to the market, but sometimes fleet vehicles go too long without a refresh; and in this case, the LC500 is ready for just that. Although a potent 5.0 Liter V8 engine with 471 horsepower is present and fun to drive, the interior could use some updating as we notice similarities to our 2020 LC500 tester. Similar to a Lexus NX350 F-sport that I owned in 2016, the interior infotainment is dated and still has the center console touchpad. This confirms Lexus is either ready to eliminate the LC altogether, or a beautiful refresh with 2023 Lexus-like technology is just around the corner.

The LC500 offered nicely equipped and comfortable seats, that same potent engine Lexus lovers have come to enjoy and a convertible top that will have your hair flowing in the wind. While not your grocery-getting convertible, its wide and sleek body are certainly still attractive and appealing to the everyday eye, in addition to not seeing very many of them on the road. While the 8-series BMW and S-Class have seen recent updates, as well as the release of the C8 Corvette, Lexus has some work to do to keep the luxury convertible alive in the fleet.

The cockpit like interior, attractive sight lines and snarl from that monster engine are a good reason for Lexus to stay in the luxury convertible market. Our Nori Green Pearl with Saddle interior was a great color combo and one that has great ability to increase sales, but as a refresh is demanded, let’s hope Lexus makes the right call and a 2024 LC is even better.

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2023 Lexus LC500

MSRP: $101,500

MPG: 15 city / 25 highway / 18.7 as tested

As Tested: $112,550

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