Battenfeld: Democrats’ opposition to Israel’s war against Hamas terrorists could impact Biden in 2024

Democratic opposition to Israel’s war against Hamas could erode the party’s huge advantage among U.S. Jewish voters despite President Biden’s strong stance for Israel.

Biden’s repeated statements in support of Israel’s right to defend itself from the terrorist attacks could also alienate him from liberal and Muslim voters who support the Palestinian cause.

“We know for a fact that our community will make a difference in the battleground states,” National Muslim Democratic Council chair Basim Elkarra told VOA, noting that more than a million Muslims cast votes in 2020.

A poll by the Arab American Institute found that support for Biden has plummeted to just 17%.

The three-pronged worry over Muslims, liberals and Jewish voters comes as polls show Biden’s favorability down and the president locked in a tight race with former President Donald Trump.

Democrats have long had a huge advantage among Jewish voters. A June 2023 survey by the non-partisan Jewish Electorate Institute found that Jewish voters were among the most reliable Democratic voting blocs.

Biden had a 67% approval rating, while Trump was viewed unfavorably by a whopping 80% of Jewish voters.

Biden led Trump 72-22% in a hypothetical match up, and Democrats were more trusted on most issues over Republicans.

Even Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu had a 62% unfavorable rating.

When asked what was the most important issue, just 8% said Israel.

But that was before the Hamas terrorist attack on Israel last month. Everything has changed.

While Jewish voters are supportive of Biden’s actions during the war against Hamas terrorists, not so much when it comes to Democratic liberals who are calling for a cease-fire in the Mideast.

Sen. Ed Markey was loudly booed at a rally for Israel on Boston Common when he called for a cease-fire at the war’s outset – a strong indication of the feelings Jewish American voters have when it comes to Hamas’ terrorist attack.

A string of other liberal Democrats like Rep. Ayanna Pressley have also made comments opposing Israel’s counterattacks on Hamas – comments that are likely to stay firmly entrenched in voters’ minds in 2024.

“II days ago, I mourned the 1,000 Palestinian children killed by Israeli airstrikes,” Pressley said on X, previously known as Twitter. “Today, that number has more than tripled. This horrific violence must end. We are all God’s children.”

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Last week Pressley claimed the “Israeli government is now carrying out its deadliest bombing of Gaza. Internet and electricity has been cut & millions continue to lack access to food & water. The US must demand a #CeasefireNOW to save lives, facilitate the release of hostages & ensure the delivery of humanitarian aid.”

Other members of the far left Squad have also been spouting anti-Israeli messages and questioning the Biden administration’s support of Israel.

“Do the Americans trapped in Gaza matter to @POTUS and @SecBlinken?” Rep. Rashida Tlaib posted.

It’s too soon to know whether these anti-Israel posts will linger in 2024 and affect Jewish American voters, but it’s likely to continue as long as the Israel-Hamas war goes on.

And Biden’s strong statement in favor of Israel may not be enough for Jewish voters to forget.

Following the Hamas terrorist attacks, Sen. Ed Markey was loudly booed at a pro-Israel rally in Boston when the Democratic senator called for de-escalation. (Matt Stone/Boston Herald)

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