How to Export a Car From the US

Export a CarExporting a car from the US to another country is a complex issue. There are many laws and regulations to abide by if you will successfully export your vehicle. Logistic hurdles are also an issue you will have to deal with.Most people do not know the rules they need to follow to successfully export their vehicles from the US, so they use logistic companies to ship them, which can be pretty expensive. You will need to know the legal aspects of the process if you are shipping the car yourself.You should also know them using an international shipping company to avoid mishaps. Read on to find out how to export a car from the US: 

Ensure Your Car Is Eligible For Transport

The first step to exporting a car from the United States is ensuring that your car is eligible for transport. Most cars being exported from the US, like Lincoln vehicles, come from online auctions.

They will provide the necessary information, for example, the legal documentation necessary to export a car from the US. The title or ‘pink slip,’ which proves ownership of the car in the US, is the first document you need to export the car.

You cannot export cars with no title but a bill of sale from the US without extra paperwork. Moreover, you may be unable to export a car with junk, parts-only, or scrap designations on the title as customs will withhold it.

Classic vehicles will also require additional documentation for export. It would be best to check out the US customs and border protection website for more regulations about exporting a car and ensure your car is eligible for transport. 

Get Insurance

Insurance for any vehicle is a good idea, so it would be prudent to get insurance for your vehicle before exporting it from the United States. You will not require typical auto insurance, but you should instead buy maritime insurance, which will help protect the car from risks that may occur when your vehicle is in international transit.

Do enough research to find the best car insurance coverage possible. The standard cost of maritime insurance is about 1.5% of the vehicle’s value, but it will vary depending on the underwriter. You should also ensure you read the terms of the insurance agreement to get the most protection for your car. 

Seek Legal Counsel

There are many legal aspects to exporting a car from the US, particularly to a distant place like Russia, South Africa, or New Zealand. Even if you are using an international shipping company, you should know the legal ramifications of exporting your car from the US. Therefore, you should contact a lawyer who is well versed in international maritime law.

Compile a list of questions and ask about everything that can affect your car. It may add to the cost of exporting the car from the US, but you will be glad to understand the legal repercussions of exporting your car from the US. 

Contact A Shipping Company

Finally, you should choose an international company that will transport the car from the US to a location of your choice.

There are many options, so compare as many quotes as possible to find the deal which suits you best. Therefore, prepare all the necessary documents which prove your car is eligible and present them to the shipping company.

It is a good idea to pay a deposit and the rest upon receiving your vehicle. Paying for everything ensures you avoid storage fees and shipping disruptions. 

Exporting a car from the US is more challenging than most people think. The above guide will help you gain a cursory understanding of what is required to export a car from the US successfully. Remember to ensure the car’s eligibility for transport, get all the necessary documents, seek legal counsel, and compare shipping.

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