Easy Mods That Immediately Improve A BMW’s Performance

Are you a car enthusiast looking for the best ways to upgrade your BMW’s performance? As you seek BMW performance parts, look for options that add efficiency and power. By making these factors a priority, your car will be on track to perform at a high level. You’ll also want to strive for top-quality upgrades that will help your car be more productive on the road.

Here are six easy mods and upgrades that will instantly help improve the performance of your BMW:

Upgrade Your Air Intake System

The engine bay of your car tends to heat up as you drive. With a cold air intake system, you can overcome this problem. These systems contain a tube with an air filter at the end.

An air intake system allows your car’s engine to attract more cool air. Since BMW engines run on a mixture of air and fuel, an upgraded air intake system can help your BMW breathe easier and run more efficiently. It can also increase fuel efficiency and boost your BMW’s horsepower and overall performance.

Set Your BMW Up with a Large Diameter Throttle Body (LDTB)

Another group of BMW performance parts that can increase your BMW performance is large diameter throttle bodies. An LDTB helps regulate the airflow that heads into the engine of your BMW. Throttle bodies are a central part of your car since its engine needs to ignite efficiently.

Installing LDTBs with large flaps will allow more air to flow into your engine. This increase in airflow can increase your BMW’s acceleration performance.

Replace Your Stock Brakes with Disk Brakes

Speeding up your car is easy; slowing down that speed on an older stock brake system can be challenging. It can even send your BMW multiple lanes over if you’re performing an emergency braking maneuver.

To avoid such a scenario, replace your stock brakes with disk brakes. Below are some ways disk brakes can enhance the performance of your BMW:

  • Repel water more efficiently
  • Are less likely to lock up during heaving braking
  • Manage heat better (causing less brake fade)

With BMW performance parts like these, you’ll be able to stay safe while on the road.

Upgrade Your Fuel Injection System

You can also upgrade your BMW’s performance by swapping your older fuel injection system with a newer version. Slightly larger fuel injectors can provide your BMW engine with a more effective fuel-to-air ratio in the combustion process.

Here is a list of parts that you’ll need for your fuel injection upgrade process:

  • Filters
  • Injectors
  • Pumps

You’ll also need a sizable gas line so your car can bring in more fuel to each cylinder. With a newer fuel injection system, you can help maximize your BMW’s performance.

Enhance The Drivetrain of Your Car

If you seek faster BMW speeds, a drivetrain is one of the best BMW performance parts to make that happen. With a drivetrain, you can convert the power that generates in your motor to energy your car’s wheels can use.

Here is a list of components you’ll need to upgrade your BMW’s drivetrain:

  • Clutches
  • Differentials
  • Driveshafts
  • Flywheels
  • Gears

These components help boost your BMW’s power with a supply of cool air. They also provide your car with more fuel combustion to help your car go faster and perform better overall.

Set Up a True Dual Exhaust System

True dual exhaust systems can also increase your BMW’s performance because they allow double the amount of exhaust to exit your engine. These exhaust systems start from the back and split into two tailpipes. They can also serve as an alternative to a catalytic converter.

With these systems, you can facilitate the smooth flow of the exhaust through your engine. These processes help provide your car with more power, which leads to better efficiency while on the road.

Choose BMW Performance Parts that Help Maximize the Performance of Your BMW

As you look for BMW performance parts for your BMW, make productivity a priority. Upgrades that focus on efficiency will help maximize the speed and power of your BMW. With the best upgrades, your BMW will perform at the highest level.

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