Bring the funny: What most viewers want out of Super Bowl ads

With companies dishing out a jaw-dropping $6.5 million this year for a 30-second Super Bowl ad, you can believe there was hefty research into what viewers want: This year football fans want advertisers to bring the funny.

In years past, we all remember the funniest commercials released on Super Bowl Sunday. Whether it was Budweiser’s advertisement introducing the cultural fad of saying “Wasssss Uppppp?,” or the Mountain Dew parody of “Bohemian Rhapsody.”

The 1999 “Wassuppp?!!!” commercial from Budweiser introduced a cultural fad that took years to get rid of. (Screenshot Budweiser)

According to the consumer research group Attest, 63% of viewers just want to watch ads that make them laugh. Meanwhile, around 12% of viewers want to see a motivational message, while only 4% hope for a thought-provoking commercial.

What watchers don’t want is politics in their commercials. Almost half of Americans say they don’t want Super Bowl ads striking a political tone, and only about 14% want the commercials to promote social causes.

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“As the Omicron variant surges stateside, consumers are turning to one of the most tried-and-true ways to cope: humor,” said Jeremy King, CEO and Founder of Attest.

“This year, the majority of Americans aren’t looking for Super Bowl advertisements to motivate them or get them thinking, but to simply make them laugh. With a never-ending cycle of bad news, political agendas will also likely fall on deaf ears, as consumers show signs of needing an old-fashioned good time on game day.”

Doritos Time Machine
The Doritos 2013 Super Bowl ad could have easily been classified as a short comedy film. (Screenshot)

The big winners of Super Bowl ads, according to the Attest survey, are food and drink brands. They get the biggest share of viewers’ attention.

The survey also found the top brands in watchers’ minds are Budweiser, Doritos and Pepsi.

So, for this Super Bowl Sunday, grab up your three favorite frogs, crack open a Bud and hope for a good laugh.

The Budweiser frogs, introduced in 1995, proved that simple humor is often the most memorable. (Screenshot Budweiser)

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