Leonardo AI Review: Comprehensive Guide to AI-Generated Art Creation Tool

With generative AI taking the internet into storm, several tools have been introduced to the world. One of them is Leonardo AI, a tool for art creation. The article lists Leonardo AI review, its features, and tools. It explores the AI tool’s safety, pricing, and pros and cons. It also provides the top-ranking alternatives of Leonardo AI.

While creating imaginary art was initially challenging, it has become a “piece of cake” for artists with the introduction of AI. One such tool is Leonardo AI, a tool that leverages the innovation of generative artificial intelligence. All you need to do is pass a few prompts and variations and you will receive a freshly generated image. In this article, we have talked about Leonardo AI review, and some of the best alternatives to choose from.

What is Leonardo AI?

Source: leonardo.ai

Leonardo AI is a generative AI tool designed for AI art creation. While this AI tool is known to generate high-quality images for video games, it has the potential to create images across an array of fields. Unlike other AI generator tools, Leonardo AI is a free tool and gives users 150 credits daily. These 150 credits amount to 75 images daily after which you are charged a certain price. However, for a moderate generator, 75 image generation would be sufficient.

Is Leonardo AI Safe?

Leonardo.AI is a popular and reliable AI service which also showcases some of the basic AI content guidelines.

Among the several safety guidelines are prompt-level filtering and generation/output-level filtering which filters out certain words and activities that don’t go with the guidelines.

Despite the content moderation policy, it is beneficial to safeguard your privacy.

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What are the Tools of Leonardo AI?

One of the popular AI tools of 2024, Leonardo AI’s interface showcases a list of impressive features. They are,

Image Generation

Source: leonardo.ai

To generate images and visuals through Leonardo AI, you have to click on the image generation tab. Following the selection of a tab, you are introduced to a range of options which you can use to create your image.

This includes choosing the model for image generation, the number of images you want to produce, fixed dimensions, and whether the images will be public.

Start creating your prompts and a list of images you are looking forward to generate.

Realtime Gen

Source: leonardo.ai

One of the other tools of the sidebar, Realtime Gen is also used to generate AI images. To use it, enter a simple and suitable prompt, and you will receive a satisfactory response immediately.

Furthermore, with the utilisation of elements setting, you can determine the influence of styles including folk art illustrations, kids illustrations, cartoons & anime, and colouring books for an output.

Realtime Canvas

Source: leonardo.ai

One of the innovative features of Leanardo.Ai, Realtime Canvas is set for image-to-image transformation. Preferred by the artists, this feature changes your drawing into an AI-generated image.

For using Realtime Canvas, click on the tabbed option with the same name. After selecting the feature, start drawing through. Additionally, you can give prompts to Realtime canvas for enhanced perfection.

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Leonardo AI Pricing: Is it Free?

One of the few AI tools to give free credits is Leonardo.Ai. In this tool, every user’s account includes 150 credits which is sufficient for generating 75 images. While 75 images can be fruitful for a moderate user, it might be insufficient for a business account. In such cases, Leonardo.Ai provides several plans suitable for different users. The plans are,

Source: leonardo.ai

Free PlanProduces 150 Images/DailyApprentice PlanCost $10/month and generates 8500 images/monthArtisan PlanCost $24/month and allows 25,000 images/monthMaestro PlanCost $48/month and allows 60,000 images/month

Leonardo AI review: Pros and Cons

Since launching in 2022, Leonardo AI has garnered several reviews which have been published on the internet. An AI art generator, Leonardo.Ai has several pros and few cons. They are,

ProsConsCreates and generates high-quality images with its tools in minutesOwing to the application’s initial stage, it includes several bugs and limitationsSet to create models or variations from the previous modelsRequires logging in and creditsWith few prompts and a choice, you can train the AI toolCan face the inability to choose an appropriate prompt

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What are the features of Leonardo AI?

 While there are several features of Leonardo AI, the primary and useful features of Leonardo are,


This AI tool, Leonardo.Ai gives comprehensive details of an image by pre-models, aspect ratio, enhancement, resolution, texture, multi-image processing, elements, dimensions, etc.

Train Your Model

If you are an artist making great efforts to generate the best-illustrated photographs for your work, consider training it for satisfying results.

Edit Your Images

Among the AI generation process, Leonardo.Ai has image editing options. With this option, you can alter your images through cropping, resizing, and addition of effects and colours.

Source: leonardo.ai

Multiple Image Generation

With this feature, you can generate multiple images in one shot.


An additional software of Leonardo.Ai, it helps in generating realistic images with no hassle.


This option introduces you to a list of AI generation styles including cinematic, dynamic, illustrative, raytraced, etc.


One of the innovative ways for unique images, this feature adds multiple variations for gratifying results.

Upload Images

This feature lets you upload a respective image for AI editing.


A simple yet interactive dashboard of Leonardo AI features all the options available for generating your images.

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What are the top 5 alternatives to Leonardo AI?

The below-mentioned alternatives not only have similar features to Leonardo AI but have proved even more reliable than the tool,

1. Lexica Aperture

Source: lexica.art

One of the considerable alternatives to Leonardo AI, it utilises a stable diffusion AI Art Generator Model. The features of Lexica Aperture are free to use.

2. Midjourney

Source: midjourney.com

Listed as the most popular AI image generation tool, it explores new ideas of thoughts and editing options. While in recent years Leonardo AI has given tough competition to Midjourney, this AI tool remains among the top-ranking AI tools. Midjourney costs $10/month.

3. Pareto

Source: pareto.io

Another top alternative of Leonardo AI, Pareto has collaborated with the top AI including DALL·E, Stable Diffusion, Midjourney, Leonardo AI, and more, alongside over 30 advanced AI platforms. Not only this but the toll charges only 3 dollars/month.

4. Runway

Source: runwayml.com

A tool similar to Leonardo AI, Runway is mostly known for its pixel-perfect generation. It charges $15/ month to users.

5. This Anime Does Not Exist

Source: thisanimedoesnotexist.ai

A newly introduced alternative, This Anime Does Not Exist, this tool allows users to upload images for an AI-converted image. One of the benefits of the app is it is free to use.

Final Words

In the realm of Artificial Intelligence solutions, Leonardo AI has proved itself as one of the best picture-generating tools. With its recent release in 2022, it has ranked among the top AI tools. Despite the popularity, it is advised to not use Leonardo AI for frauds/crimes. It is also recommended to go through the safety guidelines of this tool before using it.

The above-mentioned guide will tell you about Leonardo ai review and its several aspects.

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