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Maine shooting

With the gutless coward Robert Card the suspect in the mass shootings in Lewiston, Maine found dead, this is the best outcome that could have possibly happened. The good citizens of the state of Maine are spared the cost of a trial where Card’s lawyers would have played the insanity card. And the state of Maine is spared the cost of incarceration for decades to come. Unfortunately the families of those Card murdered will never learn why this happened . My heart goes out to the families of all those killed and injured.

Paul J. Baranofsky


Audit the Legislature

It makes perfect sense for the Massachusetts State Auditor, Diana DiZoglio to lift the veil of secrecy and audit the Legislature.  In our one party, Democrat-led state, there is always meetings held behind closed doors and deals made in secrecy.  What better reason for an audit is what Speaker Ron Mariano and President Karen Spilka say in opposition to opening up the books of their fiefdom.  They howl that the Legislature is a separate branch of government that makes its own rules and governs and audits itself.  Wow, isn’t that a reason enough for another pair of eyes to peak under the rug and see what was swept under it?

Donald Houghton


Hamas terror

The White House Office of Moral Philosophy, formerly staffed by Barack Obama and presently by his student Joe Biden, continues to plead for ethical clarity to the theocratic hooligans in Iran. If we just give them a little more, the Obama-Biden thinkers believe, then surely they will meet us halfway. But, dagnabbit, those rascals in Tehran never seem to get the memo. Oh well, better not upset them, after all holy men follow different timelines and patience on our end will gain credence with Russia and China. Yeah, that’s the ticket. I suspect that elimination of this train of thought would go a long way toward countering the moral confusion tangling our nation, especially the anti-Enlightenment antisemitism now raging on our streets.

Paul Bloustein
Cincinnati, Ohio

Biden and oil

Joseph Robinette Biden and his administration has shut down oil and gas leases from the nation’s vast public lands and waters starting on Jan. 20, 2021. Well, I have a question, don’t all military tanks, ships, planes and transport vehicles use fuel oil? So if the United States can’t supply this product who will? There’s a lot of bad stuff going on in the world, time for America to rethink stopping oil production in our country, being self sufficient is the answer and trusting other countries to step up and help is really scary.

Tony Meschini



Editorial cartoon by Gary Varvel (Creators Syndicate)

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