Letters to the editor

Assessing Biden

What’s the biggest lie promulgated by the left?  President Biden’s age is an asset.  What’s the second biggest?  Foreign policy is his particular strength.

Someone needs to remind N.H. Senator Maggie Hassan that the reason this country is confronting “significant problems at home and around the world” is 100% due to the stunning lack of competence and forthrightness of the Biden administration.  Has anyone noticed that the bad actors around the world only began to stir when Trump left the White House?

Sean F. Flaherty


Renaming Hall

There is a movement to rename Faneuil Hall again. I cannot think of one rational reason to do that. Unlike the renaming of Dudley Square which had no national recognition, people countrywide say if you visit Boston you have to visit Faneuil Hall. At some point we have to let names of places stay as is and don’t cater to special interest groups’ demands.

Paul Quaglia


Wars abroad

Peace through strength is not an empty cliché.  Under President Trump, the United States had become energy independent.  The U.S. was able to become an oil exporter,  selling oil to Europe and undermining Russia’s stranglehold on Europe’s oil dependency.  Now, Russian oil sales are funding the war in Ukraine.  In September 2020, President Trump brokered the historic Abraham Accords where countries of Bahrain and the United Arab Emirates recognized Israel’s sovereignty.

There was relative peace in the Middle East.  Iran’s mullahs were dealing with internal unrest.  Oil embargoes handcuffed Iran’s ability to fund Hamas and Hezbollah.  Along comes Biden who is eager to dump billions of dollars in Iran’s lap.  What could go wrong?  Then we have Biden’s total fiasco of the U.S. pull-out from Afghanistan.  Thirteen marines were killed and $80 billion worth of ammunition, guns, trucks, jeeps and rockets were left behind for the Taliban while our forces snuck out in the middle of the night from Bagram Air Base.  Israel and Hamas are at war.  Ukraine and Russia are at war.  These are Biden’s wars because America displays weakness on the world stage.

Donald Houghton


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