Toyota FT-Se Electric Sports Car May Go into Production ‘Soon’, Could Get Manual Transmission

According to a recent report from InsideEVs, Toyota’s FT-Se Electric Sports Car might not just be a distant dream; it could be closer to reality than we think. The designer of the FT-Se Concept, Hideaki Iida, who also serves as the project manager for the GR (Gazoo Racing) Design Group, shared some insights in an interview with InsideEVs, shedding light on the car’s potential production.

One of the key points of interest is that the FT-Se shares the same battery pack as the Lexus LF-ZC, a vehicle that has already been officially confirmed for production. While Toyota has not made an official announcement regarding the FT-Se’s production plans, Iida expressed a strong belief that it would happen, and it would occur shortly after the debut of the Lexus model. He stated, “We’re going to release the Lexus model in 2026 and this one afterward. We can’t guarantee the year itself, but as soon as possible. After 2026 is what I can tell you.”

This is a eyebrow-raising development, as it represents the most concrete confirmation from Toyota about the potential realization of the FT-Se. Several factors point toward this electric sports car becoming a reality. For one, the FT-Se appears to be more “finished” compared to many other concept cars displayed by Toyota at the auto show, both in terms of its exterior design and interior features. Moreover, there’s a great possibility that if and when the Toyota FT-Se goes into production that it will offer a ‘simulated’ manual transmission, one fit for an electric vehicle (EV) with an actual clutch, something Toyota has already been work on for EVs.

Iida emphasized that the FT-Se showcases a brand-new design language, signaling the emergence of a fresh brand identity rather than a traditional one. He distanced the FT-Se from any direct connections with Toyota’s MR2 or Supra, despite the shared Gurney-style bubble roof. However, a noteworthy connection can be made when considering that Toyota Chairman Akio Toyoda previously confirmed the development of a standalone electric vehicle for Toyota’s GR performance division. Given Iida’s involvement with GR, there is a strong possibility that the FT-Se could be that very vehicle.

While we await an official announcement from Toyota, the signs are increasingly pointing toward the FT-Se Electric Sports Car becoming a reality. The automotive world eagerly anticipates the entry of electric sports cars into the market, and the FT-Se could be a significant step in that direction. As the industry evolves, the prospect of this electrifying sports car becoming a part of Toyota’s lineup seems more promising than ever. It’s a development that has enthusiasts and consumers looking forward to the day when electric sports cars are more common on the road.

Sources: InsideEVs, Road & Track

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