Mazda Iconic SP Concept Unleashed to Showcase RX-7 Inspired Rotary Hybrid Sports Car

Mazda has recently unveiled a stunning concept car at the Japan Mobility Show, the Iconic SP, which pays homage to the iconic third-generation FD RX-7 sports car. While many were expecting a glimpse of the next Miata, the Iconic SP surprised enthusiasts with its design inspiration and innovative powertrain.

The exterior of the Iconic SP clearly echoes the design cues of the FD RX-7. Its appearance is characterized by a sleek and curvaceous silhouette, reminiscent of the FD’s athletic stance. Notably, the vehicle retains the hallmark pop-up headlights that were a distinctive feature of the RX-7. Furthermore, the rear glass area has a subtle bubble-like shape, and hidden door handles maintain the clean and aerodynamic lines. Circular taillights, reminiscent of later FD models, also grace the rear of the Iconic SP. The modern touches include Mazda’s current grille design and angular, retractable headlights. In terms of size, the Iconic SP is slightly more compact than the RX-8 but longer than the current Miata, striking a balance between agility and practicality.

The interior of the Iconic SP mirrors the minimalist and driver-focused approach of the FD RX-7. The dashboard is kept unadorned, with emphasis placed on the instrument binnacle directly in front of the driver. A small infotainment screen is thoughtfully positioned low in the center stack. Notably, the center console features a design resembling a gated shifter, similar to some modern Ferraris, hinting at the car’s sporting intentions.

While Mazda provided only high-level information about the powertrain, it’s an intriguing part of the Iconic SP’s package. The heart of this concept car is a twin-rotor hybrid engine. Mazda’s CEO, Masahiro Moro, suggested that it may offer off-board power, potentially hinting at a plug-in hybrid system, although this has not been confirmed. Additionally, the engine is described as “highly-scalable,” suggesting adaptability for various applications. It is designed to run on hydrogen or “carbon-neutral” fuels and can presumably run on gasoline. The combined output for the twin-rotor setup stands at 364 horsepower, though specifics about how this power is distributed between the engine and electric motor(s), and whether it drives the rear wheels or all four, remain undisclosed. The Iconic SP weighs 3,197 pounds, with an even distribution of weight between the front and rear axles.

The Iconic SP concept is a breathtaking blend of iconic design and innovative powertrain technology. Mazda’s history of creating exceptional sports cars has enthusiasts eagerly anticipating the possibility of this concept reaching production. However, the road to production is uncertain. Mazda has reintroduced the rotary engine in Europe with the MX-30, but this model is not slated for an American release. Furthermore, the question remains whether the Iconic SP’s unique powertrain will be utilized in other models, potentially affecting the cost of production. While the concept is undeniably captivating, its journey to reality remains an open question, and enthusiasts will have to wait to see if this mesmerizing sports car will eventually grace the streets.

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