Creepy Cars: The Best Halloween-Inspired Vehicles Revealed

Creepy Cars: The Best Halloween-Inspired Vehicles Revealed 

In the same way as clowns, vampires and ghoulies, spooky cars are often used in horror films to send cold shivers down your spine.  

Whether it’s because of their haunting name or frightening role in iconic blockbusters, there are specific car models that possess the eerie ability to keep you on edge as you drive around in your used Audi or BMW. But what are the creepiest cars to have ever graced our screens and streets?  

cinch, the faff-free way to buy a car online, has listed eight of the most sinister motors on the loose that never fail to spook viewers and passengers alike.  

Plymouth Fury ‘58 

Starring as the lead character in the film adaption of ‘Christine’, a petrifying novel by Stephen King, the 1958 Plymouth Fury has earned itself a fearsome reputation. 

Sam Sheehan, motoring editor at cinch, said: “The 1958 Plymouth Fury’s silhouette doesn’t necessarily scream danger. 

“But cast in ‘Christine’ as an evil car with a mind of its own, it’s easy to see how it might accelerate your heartbeat if you ever spotted one in town. 

“The movie’s red, murderous Fury goes on a killing spree after being lovingly restored by a nerdy high-schooler, causing havoc and total devastation.” 

Lamborghini Diablo 

The Lamborghini Diablo, a speedy sportscar introduced in 1990, shares a name with the scariest, most evil creature you could probably think of. 

In Spanish, ‘Diablo’ means ‘Devil’, and even though it’s meant to be named after a 19th-century fighting bull, the satanic correlation is hardly impossible to escape. 

In all fairness, Diablo’s ungodly attributes play an important part in creating a demonic-looking car. All you need to do is pop up its doors and you’ll be presented with a pair of hellish horns. 

Chevrolet Monte Carlo ‘77 

Why does the docile, retro-looking Chevrolet Monte Carlo ‘77 make this spine-chilling list? If you haven’t already, check out John Carpenter’s ‘Halloween’, the first film in the lengthy series. 

In the movie, the Monte Carlo has a genuinely gruesome role – its bright-red interior acts as the setting of a deadly crime, where a masked assassin strangles the driver from the car’s backseat. 

So, if you’re ever sat in a Chevrolet Monte Carlo ’77 as a motorist or passenger, you might want to inspect the vehicle for hiding criminals… 

Dodge Challenger SRT Demon 

Demon by name, demon by nature! The Dodge Challenger SRT Demon can truly run like hell, reaching 62mph in the space of 1.7 seconds

With the ability to cover a quarter-mile run in an impressive 9.65 seconds, this thrilling muscle car is bound to make your stomach twitch and your eyes water. 

And, to add to its full-throttle nature, it’s known for having broken the world record for the longest wheelie from a standing start. That alone is enough to give you goosebumps!        

Lincoln Continental Mark III ‘71 

Another vehicle that has tormented cinema-lovers’ dreams is the Lincoln Continental Mark III ’71. 

The black motor with a hankering for homicide is the unholy protagonist of ‘The Car’, a 1977 film with a simple yet unnerving title. 

In the movie, the vicious, self-driving car commits several hit-and-runs in a small town in Utah, and it’s down to a local sheriff to outwit the Lincoln Continental Mark III and stop its murderous rampage. 

This model has been customised to make it look more wicked. The roof was lowered by three inches, and its distinctive rumble actually spells out the letter ‘X’ in Morse code.     

Rolls-Royce Phantom 

Is there a spookier, more imposing car than the Rolls-Royce Phantom? As well as a spine-tingling name, the Phantom features a ghostly figure atop its grille – the so-called ‘Spirit of Ecstasy’.  

If you’ve always fantasised about being the villain of your neighbourhood, this Rolls-Royce will give you the mystery and prestige of the antagonist par excellence. Bear in mind, though, that you’ll have to be a wealthy baddie – the Phantom has a high six-figure price tag. 

This model isn’t the only Rolls-Royce to feature an unearthly name. The British carmaker has several ethereal motors in its collection, including the Ghost, Wraith and Spectre. 

’54 Aston Martin DB  

Cruising along countryside lanes aboard the ’54 Aston Martin DB, a convertible oozing style and sophistication, is no doubt a luxurious experience. But it can soon turn into a nightmare when plunged into an Alfred Hitchcock blockbuster. 

This classy Aston Martin model was used in ‘The Birds’ as the main character’s car. As Melanie, the protagonist, enjoys a road trip to her love interest’s hometown, she’s followed and attacked by an ominous swarm of birds. And even if the Aston Martin is her only escape route, it’s the scene of an oppressive situation.      

So, if you’re ever aboard a 1954 Aston Martin DB, even a solitary pigeon in the sky might give you the creeps! 

Plymouth Prowler 

Prowlers are sinister people who hunt discreetly around neighbourhoods in search of their next victim.  

While the Plymouth Prowler isn’t specifically designed for that horrifying category of people, its looks – and name, of course – are not very family-friendly.  

Produced until 2002, the Prowler has a quirky yet menacing silhouette that’s sure to turn a few wary heads as it glides down the local roads. And let’s be honest – it’s not the car you’d wish to encounter on a dark, gloomy night. 

So, has this list given you the chills? As you drive around town or watch your favourite spooky movies, you might catch sight of creepy car models that make you shudder with terror.  

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