Best Car Shipping Companies: A1 Auto Transport Company Profile

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A1 Auto: A Look Inside

A1 Auto Transport Inc. has been working in the car shipping industry for decades. As one of the largest USA-based worldwide auto shippers, they aim to deliver vehicles from point A to point B, to any destination worldwide.

They have many offices around the world that work to deliver vehicles worldwide. A1 prides itself in getting the best prices for its customers, and with decades of shipping experience.

They also offer boat, ATV, RV, plane, and even yacht shipping. Almost anything, including heavy construction equipment, can be transported when A1 Auto is involved. A1 Auto has even moved towards a more sustainable business model for a more green future.

A1 was started in 1988 by Tony Taylor, who started by purchasing his first tow truck in Watsonville, California. By 1995 they had amassed 50 auto transport carriers. By 2008 they hit 500,000 automobile shipments and the rest is history!

Now, A1 Auto works as exclusive car shippers for websites like and is working to expand its business to become the best automobile transport company not only domestically in the USA, but the entire world.

What Services Does A1 Auto Offer?

Enclosed trailer

Enclosed trailers are perfect for anyone who wants a little extra security during the shipping process. Enclosed trailers do cost a bit more because, unlike open trailers, they can only ship 2-3 vehicles at a time.

If you’re looking to ship an expensive vehicle or that you simply adore like a classic, go with the enclosed trailer option to avoid any damage during shipment. If you’re shipping a few cars at once, you may be able to get a discount to cover the entire container.

Along with enclosed trailers, A1 also offers air shipping which can be utilized if you need your vehicle as soon as possible and for it to be taken care. Normally companies like NASCAR or F1 can use such a service because air shipping is often quite expensive.

Open trailer

Open trailers are the most common form of automobile shipping. They’re often seen on interstates hauling 10-12 vehicles at a time. You’ll be able to get a reasonable price on an open trailer-type shipment because it’s the most economical form of auto shipping.

Long distance moving

A1 Auto can also help you move your entire home, not simply your vehicle. If you combine both your car and home moving services, you’ll be able to get a lower price than if you would go with independent moving services.

Car shipping logistics author Joe Webster states: “We love helping people move not only their vehicles but their homes as well. If you happen to be moving long distances, we can help move not only your vehicle but the entirety of your home with full-service shipping.”

International motorcycle shipping

A1 Auto also offers international motorcycle shipping alongside their vehicle offerings. Shipping anything overseas can be complicated, but considering decades of experience, A1 Auto knows exactly how to transport a motorcycle safely to any destination on the planet.

International vehicle shipping

As well as motorcycle international shipping, A1 can ship any vehicle to anywhere with ease. They understand the logistics behind such an operation and know how to do all of the paperwork, like tariffs and any other required documents when shipping abroad.


When considering car shipping companies, it is the combination of years of experience, versatility in services, and commitment to excellence that truly sets a company apart. A1 Auto Transport Inc. exemplifies these attributes.

With decades under their belt, they have showcased an ability to adapt and expand their service offerings beyond just cars, including boats, ATVs, RVs, planes, yachts, and even heavy construction equipment.

Their commitment to sustainability and continuous growth, as seen from their humble beginnings in 1988, speaks volumes about their vision and dedication. Moreover, their diverse service portfolio, ranging from enclosed and open trailer options to international motorcycle and vehicle shipping, reflects their capacity to cater to a wide range of customer needs.

As vouched by logistics author Joe Webster, A1 Auto doesn’t just transport vehicles but also ensures a comprehensive moving solution for their customers. Their journey from a single tow truck to becoming exclusive shippers for platforms like is not just a testament to their growth but is an inspiration to businesses everywhere.

If you are looking for an auto transport company that guarantees quality, reliability, and comprehensive service, A1 Auto Transport Inc. is undeniably a top contender in the global arena.

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