2024 Ford Ranger Raptor Debuts With Off-Road Muscle, Rugged Styling & Fun Tech Features

Ford has good news for compact truck buyers. Besides offering the smaller Maverick, the American automaker recently unveiled the much-awaited 2024 Ford Ranger Raptor. As expected, the Raptor name makes the Ranger Raptor the most off-road capable in its lineage with its proven mix of rugged styling, stout performance, and factory-installed off-road hardware. “This is the baddest Ranger we’ve ever made,” said Carl Widmann, Chief Engineer of Ford Performance. “Ranger Raptor is fast, comfortable, and packed with top-shelf, purposeful technology […]

Tips for Refinancing Your Auto Loan

Refinancing your auto loan can save you money on interest payments and reduce the time it takes to pay off the balance. While several different refinancing options are available, understanding each option’s details will help you select one that is right for your situation. In this blog post, we’ll review some tips to help ensure […]