Alex Jones Turns on Trump Over COVID Vaccine Support: Either “Ignorant” or, Worse, “The Most Evil Man Who Ever Lived” – “Ultimate Head-Fake”

AUSTIN, TX – Conspiracy theorist Alex Jones on Saturday issued a warning to former President Donald Trump over his recent support for the COVID-19 vaccines that his administration assisted in developing, saying that he was either “ignorant” or “the most evil man who has ever lived” for advocating the jab. On the December 25 episode of his […]

FAUCI: Requiring Vaccination For Domestic Air Travel Is Another Incentive To Get People Vaccinated, Should Be Seriously Considered

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Dr. Anthony Fauci, the Biden Administration’s chief medical adviser, stated Monday on MSNBC that it would be “reasonable to consider” a requirement for full vaccination against COVID-19 for people looking to take domestic air flights as a new surge in the pandemic –driven by the new Omicron variant – disrupts travel in the United […]

Lamestream Calls for FBI, CIA to Investigate People Using “Let’s Go Brandon” Phrase As “Dangerous,” “Insurrectionists In Training”

NEW YORK, NY – An MSNBC panel has called for an FBI investigation into an Oregon man who, during a live broadcast phone call with President Joe Biden and his wife Jill, signed off using the infamous phrase “Let’s Go Brandon,” a conservative dig that means, “F**k Joe Biden.” Former Medford police officer Jared Schmeck had called […]