Google Disable’s YouTube Playlists

Last night, google disabled the YouTube playlist functionality outside of YouTube. Therefore, ALL playlists on World United Music and the World United News blogs no longer work. This latest attack by google / YouTube has destroyed years of my own labor in news and music archiving and also in artist support.

Their Reason?

As far as music is concerned, the goal of google is to turn their once social and video network into a money maker through advertising and forcing people to watch videos from their YouTube platform. Embedded video on blogs had been, advertisement interruption free…so their solution was to disable all playlists outside of YouTube, including their own Google Blogspot.

If you’ve watched any video on YouTube recently, you’ll have noticed a ten-fold increase in the number of ad interruptions on whatever you watch. Not to worry, they have a solution…YouTube is now offering add free music and video watching for a monthly fee, much the same way Spotify did. Therefore, if you don’t pay them, you’ll be subject to a swarm of advertisements that will interrupt the video you are watching, often several times.

Other Reasons?

There is also another reason for eliminating the playlist functionality outside of YouTube as this step goes hand in hand with their ongoing and continued censorship of alternative news in their attempt to put the genie back in the bottle sort of speak, for mainstream to regain total control of information.

The News playlists that I archived on World United News, are also now inactive; this is on top of YouTube’s outright censorship and suspension of Press TV, Southfront, and all investigative journalists and journalism accounts that offer a different perspective than the mainstream propaganda news. These actions by Google / YouTube are on top of the already rigged search function that only turns up mainstream propaganda narratives, regardless of your search criteria. The only thing that works when looking for alternatives, are direct links to the video if they are not already removed by YouTube’s Orwellian censorship.

But wait, it gets much worse!

YouTube has also doubled down on their censorship by rigging their new video upload program to hold all video in a screen check to see if any of the content trips their content detectors before the video can be published…it’s not only copyright material they are looking for, but anything that doesn’t follow their mainstream narratives such as COVID, Geo-politics, Geo-economics, Iran, Ukraine, Syria, Palestine, Yemen, Libya, and much, much more…their banned content list is extensive…

Google has also notified their bloggers that Photos will also be deactivated in all archived posts on blogger in the coming months starting in June. So, before important historical evidence in photo and video completely disappears from the internet, you might want to download some of them for future reference…I would also suggest that if anyone uses blogger, to back up your information if you haven’t already, before they get rid of blogger altogether, as they did with google plus, and google video.

Google has also announced that they are going to get rid of email notifications to blog followers in July 2021, so when a post is made, those subscribed to the blog will no longer receive an email notification when something new is posted. Clearly, this is another step towards removing communication between people and a strike against alternative voices, Independent news, alternative views and information.

The war on you, our communities and free speech by corporate and banking interests continues its march towards their goal of a global totalitarianism…but I’m sure I don’t have to tell you that considering that we’ve all been locked down across the world for the past year…don’t you think it’s time to get active!?!


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