Stakeholder Capitalism?

Commentary By: Stewart Brennan

TIME’s Editor-in-Chief, Edward Felsenthal, launched a session and discussion of “Stakeholder Capitalism [01]” on Jan 25th, 2021, based on the new book (10,000 years in the making) by Klaus Schwab, Founder and Executive Chairman, of the World Economic Forum.

Talking points for 2021, being a pivotal year for the future enslavement of mankind, went from tackling a problem released into the world called COVID-19 to a mysterious catch all phrase called climate change that somehow involves “attaboy” stock shares in the stock market, with “awe sh*t” penalties should the initiative fail and thus have to start all over again.

“Time”, would like to know (Interesting concept that time would like to know), time magazine would like to know what role can “Stakeholder Capitalism”, better known around the world as the “Purveyors of Theft”, what role can the purveyors of theft play in the stealth robbery of the global economy?

The answer to that is simple, there’s nothing left…except maybe small business in our communities.

What is Stakeholder Capitalism?

In today’s reality, Capitalism is a system owned and run by over-bloated banks and corporations owned by a wealthy few that deem themselves too big to fail. What do you call a system that has a rule book which is subject to change on a moments’ notice, while policed by specially employed referees who side with the criminal employers? I don’t know either, but because they are locking everyone down and telling us it’s the new normal, I’d have to say totalitarianism.

So here are a few questions posed to Klaus Schwab by Time’s Edward Felsenthal regarding their COVID coup on freedom and how they’ll address the failures of small and medium businesses.

Edward Felsenthal – “Big Business did well in the crisis and small business did not; how has this affected companies across the spectrum to execute Stakeholder Capitalism?” (note the word Execute)

Klaus Schwab initially doesn’t know what to say. His answer, “No, what we are seeing now is the companies engage to our 100 issues such as climate issues, creating jobs and so on. What we are seeing is the national big companies engage much more compared to a year ago. I think they have listened to the people who have great expectations, (he means they listened to the share holders – emphasis mine) which means they have to exercise stakeholder responsibility.”

He was pressed again about the failure of small and medium sized businesses and he continued his rhetoric and side stepping saying, “No its my big concern because small and medium sized companies have been much more hit by the crisis compared to most large companies. So, I’m very pleased and I think it’s a task of society to take care because they are an essential part of our economic tissue so we have to make sure that its not their fault, that they can survive the crisis because we need, at the end of the crisis, we need still a prospering middle class in the um…as far as companies are concerned.”

Ok so, that means it’s about companies, not people and so his remarks are taken at face value…he’s telling us directly that “Stakeholder Capitalism” in the Great Reset is corporate ownership behind the scenes (Share holders) and that the smaller companies that interact with their mega corporations and who cannot sustain themselves by economic means should be bailed out by government to ensure the big corporations continue uninterrupted.

Of course, the government bailout money is borrowed from those “Stakeholders” private banks which is tacked onto an already massive national debt that the country has to pay back with compounding interest.

Eventually, the debt leads to the loss of government controlled social programs as I mentioned in my post yesterday titled, “The Corporate Takeover of Healthcare” [02]. In fact, Klaus Schwab alludes to that very thing in answer to a question on Stakeholder Capitalism posed near the beginning of the video (3:30) by the presenter where he understands that Klaus Schwab had an AC, BC moment meaning that “The After COVID world” and “The Before COVID world” would be nothing alike.

A major change happened in Feb 2020 when the US branch of the economic cartel made an official announcement that they would Embrace the Stakeholder Concept.

Klaus Schwab – “What the CORONA crisis has shown them (USA) is that people expect more from government and business, not just material satisfaction but security for example in terms of health services ah, but, what we also have learned is, all those services related to cleaning up the environment and providing the necessary diversity inside companies and society, this cannot only be undertaken by governments or by business alone or citizens safely alone, we really need public / private cooperation. So, the crisis has shown us we need a mind set change, and we need also to move from a society where business and governments have very separate tasks, to a society where the two together with civil society work hand in hand.”

So, in other words, everything on a national level will be a government / corporate initiative…that’s not capitalism, that’s fascism.

It would seem that US President Joe Biden’s globalist government has that well in hand as Capital Hill is fenced in with razer wire and tens of thousands of troops to protect them when the bow breaks and the economic cradle falls during the Economic Reset in the Spring of 2021.

In the USA, health services are a major burden on the population which are managed through corporations. In contrast, many nations in the west such as France, the UK, Canada etc., have government-controlled healthcare. In those countries, healthcare will be given up to for profit only corporations, these measures are already underway and are mandatory in their coming Economic Reset.

So, in other words, health services cannot be held by government alone, according to Klaus, there needs to be corporate inclusion to fulfill their growth which is a result and fallout of this BS COVID Crisis they created…

Corporate Economic Growth or Human Societal Evolution

In reality, many corporations can no longer grow by normal means, they had to invent a new way to continue corporate growth for the stake holders. That means we the people and our communities are the direct target for their growth as I mentioned in my August 2020 post “The COVID 2nd Wave Will Tear Our Communities Apart” [03].

When people like Klaus Schwab talk about climate change and economic growth in the same sentence, they are trying to pull a fast one over you to make you believe that they are motivated to save the world by their climate change initiatives…however, in reality corporate growth is exponential and the real problem causing environmental degradation. Their efforts are solely based on the control of economics while they pretend to embrace an environmental topic. There is of course a much better solution than the “Reset” they are offering, but they wont dare suggest it because it would mean losing control of their massively failed economic system. So, I’ll say what needs to be said.

“Remove economics from the picture, build to last, zero waste target, foster real education, empower people within communities, embrace equality for everyone, change the real estate concepts so that housing is a guarantee, manage food, water and health as a necessity, foster education on birth control, work on real partnerships…etc.

These topics should be the real discussion we strive for as “The Greater Reset” to include everyone from every country around the world while changing course from the disastrous path of environment degradation, war, famine and greed that these Klaus Davos Dinosaurs have led us down since mankind emerged from the great catastrophe 12,500 years ago.”

What role can “stakeholder capitalism” play in the pursuit of a more sustainable, resilient and inclusive global economy? I’ll tell you, let it all go, make everyone a shareholder then work with people around the world to make the world a better place.

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