SkyNews Speaks Out – Coronavirus Scam – Economic Vandalism.

Well, it took six months, and finally, Skynews is doing what the ABC has failed to do, report the truth, and the bogus scaremongering of the Governments of Australia and the press. Phew, the truth is emerging and the consequences for the Andrews Government remain to be seen.

This is refreshing, watch the report and share it widely, this is a key breakthrough which will save lives, jobs and the economy, well done Skynews for doing the job the ABC is supposed to be doing.

The report, download before it vanishes or Skynews is declared an illegal news broadcaster.

Professor James Allan is speaking clearly and cutting through the rubbish and corruption of Australian governments and should be congratulated for speaking out loudly.

Australians have been filled ‘with fear and alarmism’: Alan Jones

Key takeaways from the report:

Of interest as well, is that Skynews has reported the Andrews Government secret deals with the Chinese Government, while this has not been reported by the national broadcaster.

Andrew Bolt has stated the need for the ABC to be defunded and closed down. Sadly, this analysis and opinion must now be considered correct given that the ABC has failed its charter and is no longer reporting news in the national interest.

While thinking Australians understand that Royal Commissions are a bogus well-trodden method of extinguishing corruption and protecting the guilty, other means of trial and investigation need to be explored to prosecute the ABC and complicit ABC journalists that have knowingly reported lies under the guise of a political agenda which is a disgrace and abuse of the role of the national broadcaster under its stated charter to report honestly in the interests of the Australian public.

This is all positive news, the corruption that has riddled Australian politics for decades nears a timely end now, and there is nowhere for the corrupt deal makers to hide, they will begin to resign of course as the disclosures continue but they will be held accountable and better days are ahead for the Australian public post decades of corruption and the toxic deal making made under the false pretense of public representation.

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