Rowan Ramsey MP – Gold for SA Outback Communications or a Treachourous Trojan Horse?

On the surface it sounds great, Outback Communities ignored for a decade by Hellstra, the once Australian owned utility, now flowering us with gifts?

I am suspicious and so should be you in my view of the announcement and the lack of detail in it.

Are we indeed lucky ( per the announcement) or are we yet again subject to some trick, a sneaky trojan horse incursion into Outback Communities with undisclosed purpose?

Telstra described by then Minister of Communications Hellen Coonan, as a ‘rogue corporation’. (2007) Indeed the crossing of the floor by Meg Lees of the Democrats (2002) to enable the sale of the first tranche of Telstra was the beginning of the story and is the beginning of this report on what this may all mean now, in the new era of the pandemic, home isolation and the social distancing new normal.
What happened to the proceeds of the sale is another related story.

The rare generous announcement pronounced by the Federal Member of Grey:


Last week numerous new sites in Grey were announced under Round 5 of the Mobile Black Spots Program – funding the delivery of 10 sites valued at $2.6 million, including a Commonwealth contribution of $1.2 million.

Successful sites under Round 5 include Farina, Fowlers Bay, Koonibba, Leigh Creek Copley, Leigh Creek township, Lyndhurst, Mudamuckla, Nundroo and Yongala.

Improved mobile coverage will help family and friends connect, access quality education and health services, do business globally and very importantly mobile coverage in these areas will be a huge bonus to the tourist industry. Increasingly tourists are not prepared to venture into areas without phone coverage and this will provide cover in some of the most remote parts of Grey.

All historical aspects of trespass suddenly come to the fore in this latest installment, whereby within a matter of weeks the Australian government has sold the concept of Marshall law and will call on it when required.

This simple fact has not been reported or dwelled upon by Australias National Broadcaster, the ABC, raising questions about it’s Charter and their role now. Why are Australian Taxpayers funding a corporate mouthpiece for Murdoch, AAP? Ita Buttrose must be stewing on this dilemma now and how to help sell the CV-10 vaccine, the ABC well-supporting vaccine promotion since when?

A Brief History of the Corona-Verse thankfully is close at hand., it was uncannily close to the Twin Towers , 911 disaster, ushering in the Patriot Act and the Medical Marshall Law templates prepared and delivered globally by the Johhs Hopkin University.

Medical Martial Law 2020

Telstra not for sale, Lees pledges

Big, bad Telstra turns rogue trader, says Coonan

The reason to be aware of these strange and stupid oddities in Australian history is that they all lead here, to a concerted Smart City, Internet of Things, Corona New World Order. Please don’t go down the rabbit warren of the Lima Agreement, Agenda 21, and the creation of state-based ‘sustainability ‘ agencies, the NRMs, Bio-Security and legislation being tested now based on these agreements. Anne Bessington went into the belly of the beast that is rumbling and growling now, as an independent and fearless representative owned by no one, her story is poignant in the current times.

Ann Bressington Exposes Agenda 21, Club of Rome

The regulation of these dates and the planned regulation of global health stretches back fifty years, but in relation to the fresh laws now being tested, date back to December 2001, the genesis of the plan for the W.H.O. to administer military lockdown control of the planet, based on the templates of a new law designed by Johns Hopkins, the basis of the controlled lockdown and global economic reset we experience now.If you were silly enough to go down that warren you would stumble into SA MP once ally with Xenophon ( learned her lessons)

I encourage all readers and indeed the Federal and State Leaders to take heed of some facts and history before endorsing any further draconian laws based on false and misleading information.

They say ignorance is no excuse in the eyes of the law, and so let’s not be ignorant to origins of the plandemic and the players in it, and then give Rowan and Dan a chance to help the plebs come to grips with it all.

This is the best coverage of origins – well worth watching, quick email sub, banned Facebook, YouTube :

While the ABC and other media patsies, handmaidens of larger and hidden masters ( aside from Gates – how could he hide?) spin the problem, reaction, solution agenda while not disclosing the purpose, the risk, and the outcome.

What is being rolled out at an alarming rate is the infrastructure for 5G – Of course, 5G describes nothing nor bears much of comparison or progression from 1, 2, 3, 4G. This is the rollout of infrastructure using a military allocated frequency, until now, which is being sold to the highest bidders, to be marketed to the consumers of the internet of things.

In the United States, home devices will be made available operating at 60G hertz and in Australia, the first 5G spectrum license is defined at 26 to 27G depending on the source, and ACMA is the licensing agent for the ‘government’ for further spectrum auctions in the 5G game, marketing plan.

The spectrum has been in use passively ny human civilaztion for centuries. The use of spectrums now allocated to the Internet of Things is neither passive nor regulated.Before we do this lets ASK ROWAN and then we can eliminate the conspiracy theories and false memes. We will post the members response as soon as it becomes available.

The questions for the Member who has been sent this appraisal are this:

1/ Is the information compiled in this appraisal considered true and accurate and if not can you please inform of any errors or misunderstandings.

2/ In relation to the communities allocated funding through the blackspots funding and the estimated $250,000 allocated to Copley, what infrastructure types are included in this investment. Is this 3G, 4G enhancement or is there any inclusion or provision for any other non-traditional frequencies including 5G at what the ACMA has sold initially for several 100s of millions of dollars to a couple of outfits way back in

3/ Do you consider it appropriate for free airspace, to be licensed and auctioned to private entities without full scrutiny and agreement by the public?

4/ Has your office done any due diligence of the license carriers until 2016 and can you advise what companies currently hold the license for the range of 5G spectrum frequencies?

5/ The Member is aware of the widespread global opposition to the rollout of 5G, and the successes in some countries, the allegiance of scientists and doctors that have expressed their concern regarding exposure to 5G wave frequencies and the military applications of it conducted over the last half-century.

6/ What are the Members view on these health concerns, is he aware of them or been made aware of them and what is his response to them in relation to the concerns of people within his constituency.

7/ In relation to the ACMA spectrum auction of the 27 G hertz frequency and the license of and the studies of 27 G hertz frequency IEEE and others, does the member consider it safe for Telstra or other Comm providors to transmit and expose consumers in the military milimetre wave of the spectrum? What sales have occurred since and to what companies?

The ABC and Corporate Media are not currently informing the public in relation to the loss of civil liberties being tested and the rollout of extreme danger technologies all in the name of public health and safety.

Take a deep breath and dive into one these pools and you will see where 5G fits in relation to the wide spectrum we have been using for over a century to communicate, experiment, cure and kill, with devices attuned to these frequency spectrums.

And so what of the Ramsey Plan? Is he suddenly a knight in shining armor to fortify our wee communities?, or the agent of other agencies, that are involved in an attempted global rollout of dangerous and unlegislated frequencies with dire implications for human health, privacy, and the prospect of unlawful trespass and kidnap under the guise of the new untested legislation assumed.

Have the politically appointed judges been blackmailed sufficiently or will they squeal under the pain of prosecuting innocent people and the prospect of them being charged with war crimes? It’s early days and many police and public servants are waking up to the common law rights of the people they are paid to serve.

If the Plandemic CV-19 drones turn up to the door to arrest, inspect, or inject you, review and know your rights.

Know that any trespassers are committing criminal offenses in trespass and that their approach is an assault and that any contact or cohesion would represent a battery. Be prepared to remind common people in uniform their obligations under which they are accountable for, uniform, or not.

Prompting more questions for the Member after the series of announcements:

8/ If an assault and battery occur, will the member offer immediate assistance to the constituent in that event, should it occur?

9/ MP Ramsey, SA Power Networks is now China Owned, a subdivision is now rolling out hundreds of thousands of LED street lights, less efficient than sodium vapor lamps, and hazardous to health and the environment.
Can you please provide the techical specs of the lamps being rolled out across South Australia and any other details in relation to the street lamps and the rollout of 5G across Australia.

This is not an exhaustive list of questions but some simple ones any local MP should answer and if not certain red flags regarding your health and liberty will be raised, it will not be a labor in vain.

10/ In relation to the lockdown under permit of South Australian indigenous communities under a World Health Organization directive, can you please provide the treaty or agreement in relation to that which enables the WHO to subjugate Commonwealth legislation and State Legislation?

Arrested Aboriginal elder says communities in coronavirus lockdown can’t access essentials

11/ MP Ramsey, do you regard the actions of the government as lawful and do you consider the matter of the arrest of Elder Mick McKenzie in protecting his community as criminal trespass, auspiced outside of any Australian law and yet enforced by the SAPOL?

12/ As children return to school, can you advise of the updated technology installed in the schools and the specific details of the routers installed in classrooms in schools, and the date and time of all technolgy upgrades.? Are you aware of the studies of Dr George Carlos and infertility result of 3G, 4G exposure in classrooms and can you expand on the 5G implictions and the router modem updates etc planned, and the safety review of these?

Your views on this are crucial now as many South Australians consider the Plandemic and the machinations of government under freshly tested unlawful statute.

“The truck was going to drive into our community, so I parked my car in front of the truck.

Mr McKenzie said his views were shared by many others in the town.

“They arrested me for disorderly behavior, but I’m doing this on behalf of the Aboriginal people of Davenport,” he said.

took me in, in handcuffs behind my back, and I asked them if they could
take them off because it was painful and now I’m still getting pins and
needles in my hands.”

12/ Community members have described the lockdown as similar to the “mission days”, when Aboriginal people living at Davenport needed a permit to visit Port Augusta.

As the Member for Grey, are you comfortable for the WHO and their aligned agencies, including the John Hopkins University and Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, and of course China that popped an extra $20M into the coffers as the WUHAN event exploded? Are you confident this is in the best short, medium, and long term interests of your constituents?

We digress, these questions have probably been sent already to the Member and so to return to the spectrum and all of the excitement surrounding 5G and the internet of things.

A Fools Guide to the Ethernet and the wide Spectrum of Things.

I am the fool by the way for spending my lunch break to share this particular view and summation of the spectrum, the good, the bad, and the ugly, which will enable you or anyone to assess your technology or the PR announcement from the ABC or your local representative.

To quote Cheech and Chong, if it looks, smells feels, and tastes like dog excrement, it probably is.

This is not actually a boring journey, and it may change your relationships with your devices for good or bad. You may become smarter than your smartphone and even decide to leave it at home. You may discipline your device to the extent that it is your tool and you are not its slave.

At the most basic level of this review are some material on the bio-chemical-electrical that is you, the human-machine, and all the packages it comes with.

Any Chinese herbalist or Kinesiolist will remind you that we operate on an electrical circuit and the management of health and disease is very much dependent on this. The knowledge extends well into science and government so its time to look under the bonnet of the machine and check for any leaks, change the oil, steam clean, and maybe some cool aftermarket add ons, just in case the government and media aren’t telling us the actual story or the truth, god forbid!

Michael Persinger on No More Secrets

Here is some enjoyable science on the human brain and its electrical properties and what you can do to preserve it.

WASHINGTON-A new book describes top cellular lobbyist Thomas Wheeler as obsessed with controlling public relations for industry-funded mobile phone-cancer research conducted in the 1990s and claims he attempted extraordinary measures to downplay suspected health risks.

In “Cell Phones: Invisible Hazards in the Wireless Age,” Dr. George Carlo-the epidemiologist who managed the six-year, $28 million research program for the cellular-phone industry-and veteran syndicated columnist Martin Schram document how Wheeler, president of the Cellular Telecommunications & Internet Association, allegedly exerted his influence during the research program while loudly touting it as independent.

Carlo, hand-picked by Wheeler in 1993 on the advice of a public-relations specialist, ran an organization known as Wireless Technology Research L.L.C. WTR managed cell phone-cancer research with money from mobile-phone carriers and manufacturers.

The book, which alternates with passages of reporting by Schram and commentary by Carlo, is a blistering indictment of the cellular industry and government policy makers. The authors blame industry, federal regulators and Congress for failing the nation’s 107 million wireless subscribers by not following up on new studies showing DNA breaks, genetic damage, increased cancer and other health problems from mobile-phone radiation.

Wheeler, who refused to be interviewed for the book, did not respond to a request for comment. Instead CTIA issued a statement in response to written questions from RCR Wireless News.

“After years of substantial scientific study, scientists and governments around the world continue to reaffirm that there is no public health threat from the use of wireless phones,” stated CTIA.

My introduction to the spectrum began at age ten, when I realized my 100 in One electronics kit game, did not have a free energy crystal wave radio was a separate kit, which arrived later to my amazement to have a battery-free radio and headset. An FM receiver.

Crystal sets–totally passive receivers without any amplification–have been popular for many years. The vast majority of them are designed and built for the Medium Wave band, 530 to 1700 kHz. However, there have also been some built for the shortwave bands, and occasionally some for the FM band (88 to 108 MHz).

A few years later I and a friend put together an FM receiver that transmitted to an FM radio on an unlicensed frequency. No doubt the same technology ASIO was using at about the same time..our unit fits into a Kodak slide film case for clever disguise.

For me, the ethernet is a fascinating natural science available for all, and not censored. In the seventies as well I was introduced to HAM and CB radio, and I had old vacuum valve radios that covered AM, FM, SW..I was on the air but I was receiving but not transmitting with the exception of bogan CB garble to see what the bogans in the next suburb were up to and what they found at the Wantirna Trash n Treasure Market.

The Spectrum, a few interpretations at a glance:

Here is a chart that shows our safe and favorite TV and radio channels and refers to 5G as Super High Frequency.

Is the sudden shift and auctions of these post 3 gigahertz frequencies safe and what about the 27 Ghertz frequency and why has the Australian government been fixated on its sale and license for 15 years and indeed who holds the license now and where is the auction in relation to 60 Gigahertz, who are bidders and if it been sold who are they and have they abided by the 1992 Act and the non-interference claused of the Act, in relation to licensees in receipt of a license to broadcast the frequency.

However, given that the airwaves are being allocated, and auctioned, it’s worth knowing more about the end-user, and who is winning the government auctions and how they plan to profit from the spectrum space, and whether corporatization of the ether is lawful or moral anyway.

Well, this playground is far different from how it was and tightly regulated and allocated as we see now to the highest bidder, which again is why a basic birds-eye view of the spectrum will inform you of what is good, stupid, unsafe or criminally insane. This devil is in the detail so we will introduce some graphics to save RAM and headspace.

Enjoy some highlights from the wave spectrum world.

Questions From the Spectrum

Thank you for switching off the ABC and NBN for the three minutes it’s taken to read this report, not an official report, just the report of a person witnessing from a socially safe and isolated distance, the unfolding of the Plandemic, the media facade, the players, and why it may and should fail.

Why it may fail. The Plandemic is devious but it’s not clever. Bill Gates is rich and has been clever, but he is not so clever now. The Google, Facebook, shutdown drew more attention than was anticipated, and Trump and other leaders are pointing to the history of the Plandemic. Under the secret TPP trade agreements, there will be multiple international lawsuits on China and Countries that supported the narrative, and again the corporate rich will become richer but the power domain and control of resources will shift.

Without challenge the introduction of the unlawful legislation will overwhelm the court system and to see how this is managed will be interesting.

To read the announcements from an Australian Politician, the ABC, or the media should be done with caution with regard to the earlier links and the details of the ostensibly dangerous and untested plan, now seemingly endorsed until stated otherwise by the Honorable Member for Grey, Rowan Ramsey.

If his statements and updates don’t stack up and turn out to be a case of wilful false representation, a criminal trespass under common law tort, and he pledged under oath to the Governor-General to Serve the Public, maybe a can of worms for another article on how to sue your local member.

Before switching off this channel, now that we all understand the full range of the spectrum and the ether and internet, as Columbo would say scratching his head at the scene of the crime, about to leave, and then another small fragment of possible evidence in the crime…

Why Member Ramsey, is 27 G the planned and proposed 5G rollout channel and what other auctions are imminent to sell other 5G bandwidths. In the public interest, I place a bid on all the remaining 5G spectrum gaps, and any sale or tender to deny the public right to buy as a utility will be regarded as a crime under the Federal criminal code and the constitution.

We certainly assume you are aware of this, and yet your CV-19 updates have not been inclusive of the public health risks, civil liberty rights and so forth so it would be timely to know the details of any works funded and proposed to ensure they are safe and fit to purpose.

Extra Homework on ACMA and 5G

Image sourced from:

On China, COVID-19, and Conspiracy Theories

As US-China relations continue to worsen, many Chinese are seizing on the narrative that the new coronavirus started in America.

More Information in relation to the Rowan Ramsey Announcement

5G Network Uses Nearly Same Frequency as Weaponized Crowd Control Systems

Today’s cellular and Wi-Fi networks rely on microwaves – a type of electromagnetic radiation utilizing frequencies up to 6 gigahertz (GHz) in order to wirelessly transmit voice and data.  This era of wireless frequency is almost over making room for new 5 G applications will require using new spectrum bands in much higher frequency ranges above 6 GHz to 100 GHz and beyond, utilizing submillimeter and millimeter waves.

Millimeter waves are utilized by the U.S. Army in crowd dispersal guns called Active Denial Systems. Dr. Paul Ben-Ishai pointed to research that was commissioned by the U.S. Army to find out why people ran away when the beam touched them. “If you are unlucky enough to be standing there when it hits you, you will feel like your body is on fire.” The U.S. Department of Defense explains how: “The sensation dissipates when the target moves out of the beam. The sensation is intense enough to cause a nearly instantaneous reflex action of the target to flee the beam.”

It uses radio frequency millimeter waves in the 96GHz range to penetrate the top 1/64 of an inch layer of skin on the targeted individual, instantly producing an intolerable heating sensation that causes them to flee.

This story will continue to further inform the public of the new processes of control to take over the airwaves and the special role of 27 g hertz and 60 g hertz, and the relevance of these during this time of upheaval and heightened surveillance and control.

Be happy, be safe, and aware that the ABC and the state and federal governments are complicit in multiple acts of willful and negligent criminal trespass ( misrepresentation of the truth) and thus become responsible and accountable for false reports and misrepresentation on a personal basis under the federal criminal code.

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